Thursday, March 18, 2010

Daily news[03.18.10] SNSD Sooyoung "Samchon fans are mine" ^^~

SNSD Sooyoung boldly announced that she is the one who taking care of Samchon (mean Uncle in Korean) fans ^^.

Sooyoung together with Jessica,Hyoyeon and Yuri have participated in the broadcast of KBS "Star Golden Bell"recently, and revealed the age range of fans they in charge of individually.

The MC then asked Sooyoung :"Different SNSD members had different range age of fans,which range age of fans you are in charge of ?",Sooyoung then replied "I'm in charge of samchon fans".

She added :"If there's any fan-sign event,fans will tell other members like 'Yuri unnie,I'm a fan of you' ,'Jessica unnie,my oppa like you very much','Hyoyeon unnie,my unnie really like you very much',but to me they will say 'Sooyoung unnie,my daddy really like you very much' ",upon hearing this,the other guests could not help but burst out laughing.

Hyoyeon replied :"a lot of female fans especially unnie will usually ask "Hyoyeon ah~talk about who you like ar",and again brought laughter from the crowd.

This episode is scheduled to be aired 20th March.

(*uunie is used by Korean female who used to address another female who older than her)

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