Sunday, March 7, 2010

Daily Video [03.07.10] Sweet potatoes couple chapter 2 are up ! (eng sub)

Finally the English sub of Sweet potatoes couple chapter 2 is up!

On this episode,they proceeded their next dating place, fried rice cake for supper and convenient shop.
During the supper time ,they tried to know more about each other and even exchanged their own self-take Polaroid photo.

Not only so,Seohyun had prepared a short letter card on her expectation on this marriage for Yonghwa.
Seohyun even prepared a blank card for Yonghwa,and wanted him to reply her immediately. Seobaby really unique and cute ^^.

After that,they went to a convenient shop to get the things that couple will have.
They got themselves a couple fuzzy socks,cups and of course the couple ring and then came out an agreement on showing their rings during the recording of Music Bank.

Wow! Really starting to look forward to future progress of their marriage ^^
On next episode,their next dating place will be at Lotte World amusement park ^^. Can't wait to see more action from this sweet potatoes couple. 

OK! GO under cut for the videos now~~~

Sweet potatoes couple Episode 2 Part 1 

Sweet potatoes couple Episode 2 Part 2 

Sweet potatoes couple Episode 2 Part 3

videos credit to NulSaRangHaeS3

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