Friday, March 19, 2010

Daily videos[03.19.10] Finally,the "Black soshi" is back on Music Bank !

Bet that you guys had watched the follow up song of SNSD "Run Devil Run" mv right?
Today,is the day that the girls will be performing their 1st "Run Devil Run" performance at Music Bank!!
I'm sure everyone is excited about it!!!So am I ^^
Everyone must be thinking that the girls will be wearing black colour outfit for today's performance right?
But no~~~They were wearing the white ~~ !!
No matter is on outfit or performance,the girls always give their best for the audience!
The whole performance is just so cool and fabulous ~~ !
They really had a change of 180 degree!
From "Oh!" the cute and energetic SNSD to "Run Devil Run" the cool and sexy SNSD.

Here's the videos of SNSD interview and performance today Music Bank ^^

Interview at backstage ^^

video credit to SmoothyEco01

SNSD "Run Devil Run"

video credit to SmoothyEco01

Here are the other performances by various artists ^^

Kara "Lupin"

T-ara "I go crazy because of you"

D-NA "Admiring Boy"

Supreme Team "Step Up"

JJ "Come closer"

Above videos credit to Unknowncarrot100

And today Music Bank winner is Kara!
Congrats to Kara ^^
Well,let's look forward to their performances on upcoming Music Core and SBS Inkigayo ^^
I'm sure the girls will give us surprise each time they perform ~

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