Friday, April 30, 2010

Daily Interest [05.01.10] SNSD Sooyoung humourous~!

SNSD Sooyoung broke the news and said her belly seems to stop hibernating already.

Sooyoung participated the recording of "MBC section TV entertainment",and eventually revealed that she had grown fatter.

During this interview,SNSD also admitted and said "Recently Sooyoung really had grown fatter" , "and had the nickname "pig Sooyoung" ^^.

To this,Sooyoung responds "It's been a long time since I measure my weight,and now it end up I had increased 3kg.From the day I born till now,this is the first time I see my weight becoming so heavy".

Sooyoung said "Members all said what you want to do with that belly fats. Hey, my belly  should stop hibernating  and decided to come out right",which led to the crowds burst out laughing.

Through this interview,Sooyoung also revealed her childhood photos when she first debuted in Japan.

video credit to SmoothyEcoS02

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Daily Interest [05.01.10]SNSD Yoona potential variety experts

SNSD Yoona surprised the guys with her  bare hand ability  to catch a loach had become a topic.

SBS TV will be broadcasting "Family Outing2- Chinhan Chingu"  on the 2nd May, YoonA and her kin HeeChul and Shin Bo Sun,Dong min and more decided to catch loach for their dinner.
She goes well in the paddy fields and caught loaches which was considered also a difficult task for a guy to catch it and YoonA surprised the peoples around.

In addition,under the request of Dong Min,Yoona played the game "Gag run loach",abandoned the usual image of SNSD, imitate loaches and run around the paddy field and brought laughter to the crowds.
Recently through "Family Outing",Yoona had been showing her unique hearty laughter, totally transformed into a variety expert.

Other than this,on this day,it will also have the variety expert war between HeeChul and JoKwon.

here is the preview of this episode

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Daily Interest [04.30.10] SNSD member send special messages to fans on their 1000th day debut anniversary

So Nyeo Shi Dae gives a special greetings to fans on their 1000th day anniversary.

So Nyeo Shi Dae revealed photos of each member on their official homepage on 30th April and posted up thank-up messages to fans. It’s their 1000th day debut anniversary.

The girls will also be performing the songs ‘Oh!’ and ‘Run Devil Run’ on KBS Music Bank on 30th April ending their 2nd album promotions.

Go under the cut for the translations of the messages the girls wrote.

* TaeYeon, “Even though it is not considered a short period of time, everyday have been happy, fulfilling and touching spent with Sone. 1000th day marks another beginning. There is still many more days for us to be together. Let’s work hard together. We are the best.”

* Jessica, “I’m bad with expressing myself. I love you”

* Sunny, “Let’s spend each of the following days together. SNSD and Sone is one.”

* Tiffany, “To rise up to this stage, we will definitely not go down easily. I pray that we ill continue to be together till the very end coming to the tough and high spot.”

* HyoYeon, “When I am very tired and thought that I hated this, I will think of the Sone encouraging us on with the pink balloons. I will work hard receiving all the energy from Sones.”

* Yuri, “Looking at the happy memories we have shared all this time, there was also the happy tears and times when we felt tired. I’m grateful that we were able to get through them together. The sincerity will prevail. Thank you and thank you again.”

* SooYoung, “We will not forget the love from fans. And continue to give our best not forgetting how we set out during the ‘Into The New World’ days.”

* YoonA, “Thank you for always being there through the sad and happy things. Sones are the best when it comes to encouraging us on stage. I will hate it if you love someone else.”

* SeoHyun, “Sones have always fed water to us 9 members who were clueless seeds, and being there for us. We will work hard to be the SNSD that Sones will be proud of. Let’s make more memories in the future.”

Translation credit to sookyeong@kbites

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Daily Interest [04.29.10] Beautiful Seobaby~!

The childhood photos of SNSD Maknae Seohyun had been revealed and attracted a lot of attentions.SNSD Maknae Seohyun had round eyes and nice looking lips and compared to her childhood pictures,actually there isn't much difference...Still as cute as now~

Upon seeing the photos,netizens commented "there isn't any difference compared from past till now" "Look like a clever student" "Very beautifuy back then and now"...Giving good responses to it~

In addition,SNSD had  changed to more mature "black soshi" now,and received a lot of love from fans.

video credit to kpoploverzs21

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Daily Pictures [04.28.10] SNSD sexy caribbean CF pics

 The girls latest caribbean CF which collaborate with 2 PM have been revealed today and caught much attentions amongst the fans.

 The girls are showing off their slim & balance slim figures with hot pants & sport singlet while 2PM was showing off their well trained muscle and chocolate abs.

Netizens were commented:" The idol groups with excellent body figures, really attractive!" and other praising comments & concerns.

YoonA expression looks very cool with this makeup ^^. You gonna love her ~~~~

Next, some Korean fans has collected and rearrange meticulously the Girls' debut song " Into the New world" & "Oh!" costumes which appeared on various music shows before. 

The girls debut "ITNW" was always one of my all-time favorite SNSD song, whenever i start listen to it again it's make me feels become alive and passionate again and encourages me to overcome the any obstacles ahead of me. More important is you'll be able to feel the original SNSD charms and know how hard they have worked along these years to sharp &  make today So Nyeo Shi Dae ( 9 has become 1).   
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Daily Pictures [04.27.10] Taeyeon last chinchin pictures~~~~!

 The last day of SNSD Taeyeon as the DJ of Chinhan Chingu photos had been uploaded on ChinChin Bulletin board.

This day, with the support of the other 8 SNSD members,Taeyeon still vibrantly continued and ended DJ-ing,but in the end she still shed tears of regret.

In the afternoon on 27th April,chinchin staffs uploaded the last photos of Taeng DJ in chinchin. Production teams said:"Taeyeon had been DJ-ing alone,smiling away continuously during broadcast but thanks to SNSD members,our Taeng DJ received consolations from them, and able to finish the ending part well".Therefore,they wanted to convey their appreciation to SNSD members.

Production team then said :"Although in the future we won't be able to hear and watch Taeyeon's ahjumma laughter,impersonation,natural look without makeup,the cute look when eating jelly and more on chinchin,but we are looking forward to work together with her again in future".

For Taeyeon ceasing her duty as DJ,listeners are all feeling sad and sorry about it.After the radio bora ends,listeners still send in messages on the chinchin message board,expressed their own feelings of regret.Netizens leaving messages like "Taeng DJ don't leave us","You had worked hard for this 2 years","You must come back ah","We will be waiting for you" and more.

Taeyeon took over chinchin as a DJ together with Super Junior Kangin till now ever since the previous DJ left.After Kangin left chinchin last year,Taeyeon had been DJ-ing alone till now. During the MBC award ceremony,for the radio department,Taeyeon received the best newcomer,and received many favorable comments.

Source: NEWSEN
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Daily Video [04.27.10} SNSD "Hey Cooky craze~~~~hey~~hey"

SNSD cooky girls concept has become  a popular trend now in Korea.

I must admit this commercial was a successful clips which definitely able to arouses many peoples  interests want to find out more about this LG Cyon cooky cellphone at least it's works for me ^^.

After listened to the "Cooky song" yesterday, the catchy lyrics "Hey Cooky~~~ hey..hey" keep repeating in my head. In addition, today they have released another video which featured the Girls' individual special introduction to the LG cooky phone features and you 'll able to watch it through their website (it's seem like required updated flash video plugin) or below video for you.

However, i strongly recommend pay a visit to the website and this is one of the best website design GUI i have ever come across at which  the website was designed full of creativity and well interactive especially Taeyeon so cute in the website ^^~~~~~ Love it ......^____^. 
Hey Cooky ~~~~ Hey..Hey..hohohohohoho

 video credit to jasoncooIl93

Monday, April 26, 2010

Daily NEWS [04.27.10]SNSD Taeyeon debut on musical

Top singers are making appearance on musicals during the spring and summer seasons had been a successive one.

They are none other than top popular girls group SNSD Taeyeon and domestic representative of sexy singer Ivy.

Taeyeon will be the female lead for musical "Song to the Sun",which will be on stage on 7th May at Seoul Sejong Cultural Center's M Theater.This is the first time Taeyeon take part in musical ever since she debut in 2007 till now.Taeyeon role in this musical is a girl who suffered from XP( a skin disease), and cannot expose to sunlight.Musical "Song to the Sun" is staged based on a Japan novel.

On the other hand,Ivy will be participate in musical in the summer.

Ivy will be taking part on the musical "Kiss me Kate" from 9th July to 14th August.So this will be Ivy first time taking part in musical since she debut 5years ago.

Oak Joo Hyun,Bada,DBSK Jun Su,Big Bang Seung ri and Dae Sung,SNSD Jessica,SHINee Onew and many more top singers had made their appearance and debut from musical,their level of acting are obvious and being recognised too.

To the top singers starred in series of musical,a person related to the music industry commented the main reason "When taking a look at the lead for the musical,singers are consider first because they already have the abilities to dance and sing,and the power to mobilize the audience are also good. Hence, they have the charisma which enable them to get choose".

Then,he also analysis:"Through musical,singers not only expand their areas of activities,it also help them experience the challanges on new areas and to broaden their career fields.

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Daily Video [04.26.10] SNSD " Hey Cooky...hey~~hey" ^____^

After the addictive Samyang ramyun theme, SNSD have sang another super catchy CF song called 'Hey Cooky with endorsement of LG CYON Cooky phone
I'm completely captivated by this song when i first heard of it and  the song suit well with the girls nature charm..hohohohooho. Oooo, i'm completely intoxicated with "Cooky song" now ^^>

Ok, let watch it now~~~

 video credit to AsianMusicVideoHD

Taeyeon...~~~~~Hey Cooky ^^ cute

Daily NEWS [04.26.10] SNSD Yoona felt lonely when seeing the other SNSD unnie performing on stage without her

Girls group SNSD Yoona elaborate,whenever she's on for drama show or personal schedule then  she saw her group members are all participating activities without her,she felt sad and lonely.

Together with the other SNSD members,Yoona participated the recording of KBS 2TV "Story Show Delight",and for the personal schedules and activities each member had, Yoona forthright her feelings about it.

The first to have own personal schedules and activities was Yoona, she said "Although filming drama is very tired for me but when seeing the other 8 members standing at the stage and performed without me is the most sad and lonely thing to me"."As compared to attending personal schedules,I prefer performing at stage with the other members".

Then Yoona also said something which surprised everyone,"All SNSD members wishes" is "Hyoyeon unnie able to participate in variety show.Strongly recommend!She's really good at it".

In addition,SNSD who started their Asia Tour Concert on the 17th,gave some comments about international fans imitate their dance choreography and songs." It seems that there isn't much mistakes in it"."After watching,we were all shocked and felt miraculous at the same time and touched about it.Thinking that we should work harder in the future".

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chinchin Corner [04.25.10] Taeyeon last tears on " Taeyeon Chinhan Chingu"

During the midnight of 24th April, "Chinchin" bulletin board upload some pictures of Taeyeon together with Hyoyeon and Beast 'DooJoon'.In the pictures,3 of them are posing their dance choreography,showing how active they are.

Looking at how brightly Taeyeon smile, "Chinchin" family commented "Today(25th) is the last day of Taeyeon chinchin","It has been hard for you Taeyeon","The bright smile made me feel more sorry about it" and more comments that are full with sadness...

Taeyeon will be leaving "MBC FM4U Chinhan Chingu" on the 25th April after the final broadcast.
During the radio broadcast of "Taeyeon Chinhan Chingu" on the 25th April,it marked the last day of her being the DJ of chinchin.Because of upcoming musical and busy schedules like Asia Tour Concert and promotions for new album,she had no choice but to choose to leave "Chinchin".And 25th April,is Taeyeon last day DJ-ing chinchin.

The 1st song,Taeyeon choose "Family"said,"Don't know whether you all still remember or not,I also don't know this song was played last time when I first started solo DJ-ing Chinchin,which was on 20th April.The lyrics of "Family" made me recalled a lot of things.

Last day of chinchin broadcast,Taeyeon used her clear voice to DJ and tried her best to have more communication with "Chinchin" family.When Taeyeon started solo DJ-ing "Chinchin" with her distinctive voice and embarrassingly said "Felt uncomfortable inside my heart".
In this month SNSD will ends their music show performance for "Run Devil Run".After the recording of music show,sitting down on the DJ seat then Taeyeon said "My mind are blank right now, already don't know what should i do".

Fans and all the SNSD members,who appeared during the last recording for "Taeyeon chinhan chingu", gave their fullest support to Taeyeon.

Taeyeon took over "Chinhan Chingu" two year ago. During 2009, the award of "Outstanding Program Production Award MBC Radio " won by Taeyeon, really showed that she has the ability and talent on DJ-ing radio show. Upon knowing that Taeyeon is leaving "chinchin" soon, the fans are all very sad,and also have sent Taeyeon various gifts and applause to appreciate  her hardwork in these 2 years. There's also part of the fans that used "Taeyeon's chinchin pictures" to make collages and videos as a gift for Taeyeon.

Taeyeon, we will dream with you Forever~~~~~~

Lovely confession from "ChinChin" radio fans made Taeyeon tears

Kang Don Won is remedy for Taeyeon ^____^

 Ending: Taeyeon bids farewell 
No annyeong today , usually she will said lets get closer tomorrow but today > <

snsdlife & Fantaengoo side note

Everyone, maybe it would be our last ChinChin corner, it's amazing how we have traveled together with Taeyeon until today final stage of "Taeyeon Chinhan Chingu".
From Taeyeon,to Taengoo,till Taeng DJ......
2 years..It may sound long,but in reality,is short...
Just in a blink of eyes,2 years had past.
Started as a DJ with Kangin...Till the day Kangin left chinchin and Taeyeon started her solo DJ career.That's exactly 1 year.
And now,another year had past,you are leaving chinchin.
Because of chinchin,I don't know exactly since when I like to stay at home,tuned in to chinchin everyday at GMT 7pm...
It became a habit since back then to me.
Listen to chinchin everyday, really bright up my day..Especially your ahjumma laughter ^^..
Even though I don't quite understand what you are talking about since I don't know korean language, but listen to your laughter,I just can't help but laughed together with you...
Taeyeon chinhan chingu is not a broadcast radio,but a place a corner for us to communicate with Taeyeon unnie ^^
I know is hard for you to make this decision..Leaving chinchin is just like leaving a cut on your flesh.
Sometimes life are like that..You got to give up something in order to have a better future and achievements.
Leaving chinchin to have a better self improvement,is not a wrong decision.
Follow your heart and go is the right decision!
Taeng DJ,thanks for bringing so much laughter and enjoyment for us ^^
So wish you all the best for your upcoming events and your future ahead ^^
Taeng DJ,
HwaiTaeng ^^
You will always be our Taeng DJ ^^
Look forward to your comeback to chinchin alright ^^
I strongly believe that you will be back to chinchin and by then it will be,
Taeyeon chinhan chingu again~~~!!!

All the best ^^

Taeng DJ Jjiang!!!

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Daily Video [04.24.10] Gee virus conquered Dead Fantasy ^^

No more FIGHT.... Girls ~~~ Let dance GEE !!!!

I presumed many of you have get to know and love the Girls through the affection of Gee virus ^^ which I'm also one of you ^^ . Gee virus even aroused many other Gee parody which brought much excitement & laughter to us. 
Today, i've come across another awesome Gee parody which brighten up my day. The Gee parody was done by a group of famous girl character in games like Final Fantasy & Dead or Alive, or called Dead Fantasy created by Monty Oum
{ A bit introduction:
Originally, Dead Fantasy is a series of fan-made CG action movies created by Monty Oum, starring a select cast from the Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden series fighting agaisnt characters from the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts game franchises "battle royale-style" in a number of different environments, including archaic ruins and modern cities. The movies have made many salutes to other games and films in the fighting genre, as well as featuring fan-made weaponry and costumes.
(Source: wikia.gaming)   }

It was so much fun to watch all the girls heat up and dancing Gee on the floor and brought the Gee excitement  to us again at least it's work for me ^^. I believe through this video, SNSD Gee virus will spread further and  maybe will conquer  million of gamers out there. Jjang ^__^.
Okie~~~Here is the video~~~ Gee...Gee..Gee..Gee

This is an awesome video, isn't it ^^

Well, if you interested to know more, here are more videos created by Monty Oum for you ^^.

videos credit to Monty Oum

Daily NEWS [04.24.10]SNSD perfect body line tips~

During the broadcast of Y-Star "Now it's Girls Generation",it will reveal the shooting footage of the SNSD MV  from "Into the new world" to recent hit song "Run devil Run".

During the show,we can see the whole process of the SNSD change from refreshing young girls  to mature and attractive ladies,and recalled their past back then through these images.

SNSD will be talking more about the stories of the shooting scene of the 7 MV,"Into the new world","Girls Generation","Kissing you","Gee","Genie","Oh!" and "Run Devil Run".

In addition,we will also be able to know the tips of having the perfect body line like SNSD. Sooyoung smiled brightly and said "The secret of it is riding the bicycle but where to ride bicycle,is the secret".

The show will be broadcast on 24th April,KST 3pm.

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Daily Picture [04.24.10] Taeyeon student looks ^^

  Recently various  Taeyeon's cute student looks photos have been revealed on fans site and had garnered much attentions amongst netizens.

Among these photos, the first you'll able to see a cute short hair & white skin Taeyeon, then continued with a cute smiling eyes  which almost same as nowadays witty Taeyeon ^^. 

Especially, one of the photo which you able to see our kid leader showed charisma pose with her  schoolmates which remind me of all the "Chinchin" guest photo session which featured our taengoo witty poses with the radio guest every-time ^^. Seem like our kid leader already have the potential before debut...hohoho.
Netizen who have viewed it commented:"  she's just adorable" " she didn't change at all, and her big smiles enable us to recognized our kid  leader easily", "so envied of the Taeyeon male schoolmates" .  

 Besides, here are a few latest pics of Taeyeon musical "Song to the Sun", i really can't wait to hear Taeyeon singing "Goodbye days" with playing guitar. ^________^

Friday, April 23, 2010

Daily Interest [04.23.10] Taeng DJ showing reluctance of her soon leaving with ChinChin

 On 22th April MBC FM4U "Taeyeon ChinhanChingoo" bulletin board has posted up some photos of Taeyeon took together with 8eight, MBLAQ ' Lee Joon', 'G.O', and mir.

Taeyeon is doing a concept of showing her reluctance of soon leaving as "ChinChin" DJ . 
About Taeyeon leaving as "ChinChin" DJ, "Chinchin" audiences expressed" i have so much affection of it already, when will i able to listen to Taeyeon's voice again ah" .

Everyone, a soft reminder here that our DJ Taeng will be having her last radio show in "Chinchin" on this coming 25th April, please stay together with our DJ Taeng until the very end. Thank you, S♡NE.

 Fans gifts to Taeng DJ ^^~~~~

Here is a video made by the fans for Taeng DJ which recorded the journey of Taeyeon as Taeng DJ in two years.While watching this video really brought back a lot of memories with Taeng DJ (from Duo DJ ' Kangin with Taeyeon'   until Taeng DJ alone )...........> <  i want to dream with you forever , Taeng DJ .......

Thursday, April 22, 2010

ChinChin Corner [04.22.10] Fans gift to taeyeon " Forever dream with Taeng DJ"

Recently, the fans have sent some gifts and a  messages board to Taeyeon  for celebrating first anniversary of DJ Taeng in MBC FM4U "Taeyeon Chinhan Chingoo".

On "Chinchin" photos display board, it has revealed some photos with title "Taeng DJ, First Anniversary". It was because of on this 20th April is 1st anniversary of Taeyeon as "ChinChin" DJ alone so the fans have prepared and sent some gifts to her.

In the photos,  Taeyeon was excited & happy with the fans lovely gifts and acts, even before the radio broadcasts start. Especially the huge message board which filled with numerous of the Fans' messages to DJ Taeng, Taeyeon was greatly moved with these lovely & heartwarming messages.

 One of the most attracted message was "Forever dream with DJ Taeng"
 Besides, the "ChinChin" audiences also conveyed their messages like "Taengooo, Please don't go", "We will wait for you no matter when is it"  and others heartwarming messages.

Daily NEWS [04.22.10] SNSD feelings

9 person with 9 different colours,full of charisma and charm,SNSD showed their individuals true feelings under the light.

During the broadcast of "Winwin" on 20th, SNSD recalled back to the past and said "When we first debut,Yoona and Tiffany are the most popular ones".Tiffany said "it's  really amazing, popularity is just like changing seasons.We can feel it in our group"cautiously disclosed her own feelings.

Yoona's popularity is related to her appearance on a few dramas,Jessica said "After Yoona had been  making appearance on dramas,there's none of the granny who don't know about us, it's all because of Yoona","there's nothing to jealous about,all the other members felt proud about it instead" conveyed a positive effect.

However Yuri said "I will jealous about it,if I say I won't jealous,is actually a lie.During that time it seems like they only recognized Yoona only" and continued "But,that kind of thoughts had already changed","Just treat that period of time as a practice days,practice more various dance,allow me to have different charisma and charm".

While Sooyoung said,"Is not that I don't have desire,but neither do I have much keen about it". "Had been under the care of my mum for 7 years, 'when your daughter will debut?','is your daughter one of the SNSD member?', all these kind of questions are commonly heard,so I felt sorry about it to my parents".

But Yoona seriously replied," 'Although in the drama I'm Saebyuk,but I'm actually a singer,SNSD' I had been promoting SNSD like this during that time"."Why I'm doing this that time is because, now during fan-sign events,fans will say I don't want Yoona's signature, I want Seohyun's one.I cut my hair short and everything is ruined" the answer which is full of wisdom had brought much laughter to the crowds.

On the other hand,during the broadcast of "Winwin",special guest Fin.K.L Joo Hyun surprise appearance,and let SNSD Sooyoung to tear and revealed her real wish at the scene.

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Daily NEWS [04.22.10] SNSD beautiful skin trio posters revealed

Previously being the advertising model for the photoshoot of Biotherm,this time round,SNSD Tiffany,Yuri and Sooyoung had the poster and CF film shoot for Biotherm Aqua-source.

During this photo-shoot,they coordinate with the theme "arouse the moisture of the skin",showing their healthy moisturize skins.

In the advertisement,Yuri,who usually drink more water to manage her skincare,posing a posture as if she's drinking,and exposed her bright and lively smile.

Believe that having sufficient sleep is the secret to have a clean skin,Tiffany showed her attractive eye smile after a short break.After that,Sooyoung carry on the shooting based on the concept of having a regular life.She holding a ringing alarm clock,and do a cute wink.

Finally,all 3 of them wearing green,pink and blue colored blouses,taking photos with a bright smile.

The manager of Biotherm said, "All 3 of them have natural looks and moisturize skins,which is perfectly matching with our concepts,we also felt satisfied about it".

The Biotherm CF will  start broadcasting on 1st May.

Source:Star today
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