Saturday, April 17, 2010

Birthday [04.18.10] Happy Birthday to ICE Princess, Jessica

Today is our ice princess Jessica's 22nd Birthday!!

Seung-li Chukahamida~!

Hope you had enjoyed your day together with your 8 other sisters!

Finally another 22 years old in SNSD!

Being the next eldest of the group,you had been a good sister for the other members ^^

The care and concern you gave to your 8 other sisters prove that you can take good care of them well.

Being the lead singer of the group,you bring the best performance for your fans ^^

Being first debut as a musical actor,even though is tired,but you managed to pull through and brought enjoyment for your audience ^^

Being an ice princess,you bring laughter for the sone with your sica effects ^^

And today is your birthday ^^
I hereby wish you happy birthday!

Sincerely wish you all the best ahead ^^

And today,the girls also had their Asia Tour Concert held at China,Shanghai!

So,I guessed China S♡NE might have celebrate Sica's birthday yea~~~~

Here are some fan-made videos to celebrate Jessica 22nd Birthday ^__^

 Lastly, a wallpaper for you all~~~~