Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chinchin corner [04.20.10] Taeyeon last week ChinChin daily summary

1) Actually during this period of time,is usually a short program called "Do you wanna bet?",but you know hmmm...alot of chinchin family should know that this week is really a precious week. Haha,  in order to have more time to communicate with my chinchin family,we specially prepared this session. For this week Monday until Friday,we will be reading more stories from chinchin family, listen to more songs,and also listen to some songs that I recommended to replace the "Do you wanna bet?" session.

(Below will be introducing listener's story which is similar to Taeyeon's story,about leaving their own workplace)

This is quite similar to me ah,even the working time was also the same which is around 2 years been working in the same place for 2 years,just like a cocoon that had grown on the hands,everything has become so familiar. Taeyeon explained her leaving is for new self-development so she decided to leave,so if that's the case, then it seems that we can't stop her leaving.After all, in order to have a better self-development,and also strongly believe that Taeyeon will do well when she found the new place,new environment with new partners. We will also support Taeyeon, maybe because this story is similar to Taeyeon's one,so Taeyeon show a slight favoritism to it.

(This particular listener requested SNSD 'Himnae'.So,after the story,the song was played.)

Well,now is time to play my recommended song, (Kim BumSoo had performed this song before during chinchin live,after listened to it, Taeyeon cried. So today,this song seems like made Taeyeon reminiscent the feeling and memories when Taeyeon was DJ-ing chinchin along these 2 years.)

After reading a story from the listener,through messages and minihompy,there's a lot of respond like "Don't go!" "where are you going ah~ ?" "NO!" from chinchin family.

Very thankful to our chinchin family,me too,my feeling is not better than our chinchin family,now we are left with less than a week,I really like to listen to more stories from our chinchin family,and also would like to express more about my feelings and thoughts.

Actually to me, Chinchin is not a program, for me is a way for me to communicate with my fans.Because I'm the introvert type,so this is the only way I can communicate,keke...hmmm..

(her voice started to choke)

Soon it will be over,feeling so pity about it.I also don't create a personal web page or blog,hence I can only communicate and share with you all through chinchin. Through chinchin I can let you all know how I feel,occasionally I will also deliberately talked about things happened within SNSD members.wae ya...why the first day already like this...aigooo...there's still little time left,am I making the atmosphere a bit...keke...aigooo..Heard that if laugh after crying,something will grow on buttock...hehehe

Listener 3013 said "I had not heard any shocking news about SNSD members yet" ok,I had prepared a full set of it in my notebook, the shocking news of members.Firstly, I feeling sad about leaving chinchin soon so I sob, luckily today is not bora ahh..hehehe

xx listener said "Taeng DJ,have your dinner already?I had spaghetti,really delicious". Dinner oh?In order to maintain body figure, and in order to eat protein-based food,so I ate a bit of chicken, and it was delicious too.

xxx listener said "Today I had went to Jeju Island for school excursion..." my sister also,now she is in Primary 6,said that today she went for an excursion too ( something similar to the spring tour,autumn tour etc).Actually my sister health is not very good,young age and also very slim,so every-time she will missed going to the school excursions,but today she went,so I heard she's very happy about it.I heard it when I called my mum...hmmm..keke.No matter what happens,at this moment,I will easily tend to mixed it up and think.Because I have a program that is under my name...(again her voice choked)Really wanted to give some pocket money to my sister,then tell her "Enjoy yourself"...I wonder whether my sister can understand how I feel or not.(Sobbing) aigooo...hehe.Ok,our chinchin family,so sorry,to converse the atmosphere and feelings,let's listen to a song.

Soon,the guests arrived and they started their talk..
(the guests interview parts omitted)

 Taeyeon:" From today onwards who didn't listen to ChinChin will be regretting later ^^, one day of a week had passed. Hope all of you will stay tune to ChinChin program only within this week..keke ^^. Hope all of you will be loving and support ChinChin in future and I'll be much grateful, but this week is very important ^^."

Monday chinchin was really a sad one.When Taeyeon cried,the atmosphere totally change.Is just like when you look outside the window and it rains heavily...Dark cloud covered the sunshine...

For a better self-development and to recharge her energy to the fullest for more upcoming schedules,she had to leave chinchin. This is hard decision  for her..Really...If not,she won't cried since she's a person that don't cry easily.

So,Taeng DJ,all the best ahead!

Taeng DJ Hwaiting!

S♡NE are always here for you to support you no matter what ^^

You are always the Taeng DJ & Kid leader to us ^^

Fanstaengoo &