Thursday, April 22, 2010

ChinChin Corner [04.22.10] Fans gift to taeyeon " Forever dream with Taeng DJ"

Recently, the fans have sent some gifts and a  messages board to Taeyeon  for celebrating first anniversary of DJ Taeng in MBC FM4U "Taeyeon Chinhan Chingoo".

On "Chinchin" photos display board, it has revealed some photos with title "Taeng DJ, First Anniversary". It was because of on this 20th April is 1st anniversary of Taeyeon as "ChinChin" DJ alone so the fans have prepared and sent some gifts to her.

In the photos,  Taeyeon was excited & happy with the fans lovely gifts and acts, even before the radio broadcasts start. Especially the huge message board which filled with numerous of the Fans' messages to DJ Taeng, Taeyeon was greatly moved with these lovely & heartwarming messages.

 One of the most attracted message was "Forever dream with DJ Taeng"
 Besides, the "ChinChin" audiences also conveyed their messages like "Taengooo, Please don't go", "We will wait for you no matter when is it"  and others heartwarming messages.