Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Daily Interest [04.07.10] Taeyeon ~~~ Amane Kaoru *Song to the Sun* (Taeyeon Interview video added)

On the 6th April,Seoul Music Troupe announced the actual schedule that "Song of the Sun" will be held at Seoul Sejong Centre M Theatre,which is on 7th May.

Even with her busy schedules, SNSD Taeyeon will be still making appearance for 13 out of 25 episodes for "Song of the Sun" as the female lead role' Amane Kaoru'.While the 2 other members of the troupe will be playing the male lead role of "Song of the Sun",Koji Fujishiro.

For this musical,SNSD Taeyeon and another member of the troupe will be playing the role of the female lead,and this is also Taeyeon's debut musical stage.

Musical "Song of the Sun" is created based on the original novel and make it as a musical.  The musical scripts and performances have young and refreshing feeling,just right for the young actors and actress.The OST for the movie,"Goodbye Days","Skyline" and "It's happy line" will be performed with a brand new melody during the musical to the audience.

Recently who had just made a comeback with 2nd album "Oh!",SNSD Taeyeon will be the female lead role,Kaoru, of the musical together with the other troupe member .
She have a voice full with infectious and experience of singing OST for Korean dramas,the review committee said "Once Taeyeon step onto the stage,she is a singer that filled with power and charisma".

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snsdlife sidenote;
Really happy that both of my favourite singer YUI & Taeyeon playing the same role as "Amane Kaoru".
I was always a big fan of YUI-san and her songs really inspired  me in many ways. The song "Good bye days" is one of the best song i've come across that i really  like to recommend to all of you. 
Besides, YUI also have many other great songs which i think not able to  list out all of them here, if i have time i will cover more about YUI-san in future.
Can' wait to hear Taeyeon  plays guitar with "Good Bye Days" song ^^  lalalala...Good Bye Days~~~
 ( a few songs of YUI below, hope you enjoy listen to these beautiful songs ~~~~)

Good Bye Days

YUI- Skyline

LIFE (my all -time  favorite song ^___^)