Monday, April 12, 2010

Daily Interest [04.12.10]SNSD won Music Bank again~!


Well,on the 9th April,due to the sinking o Korean naval ship,Music Bank broadcast was cancelled again. 

However,recording was held as usual and,are you all eager to know who won during last week Music Bank
Yes,is none other than the girls,SNSD!!

I'm sure upon hearing this good news,it bright up the day of S♡NE ~
Previously before last week Music Bank,it had been reported that the girls had their 1st win with amazing result of 21223 on Music Bank with "Run Devil Run".
And now,they had their 2nd win with another fabulous result of 13524 on Music Bank with "Run Devil Run"!!!

Wow~! It's 2 consecutive wins already~Congratulations to SNSD~!!!
See how powerful SNSD virus is~!Run devil devil run run~~!!
Then it's followed by Beast and 2am claimed 2nd and 3rd place respectively~
Congratulations to them as well~

The true test will begin next week due to both Music Bank and SBS Inkigayo already in the tight and intense competition with the comeback of Rain,LeeHyori,After School and various artists.
Well,we shall look forward to it~~ and another good news is this coming Friday Music Bank will resume~!

So we will be able to catch the girls win again real soon~!!!
So stay tune to it alright? Once again,congrats to the girls~!

Let's go soshi~Let's go~!
SNSD Jjiang~!

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