Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Daily Interest [04.13.10] Sunny & HeeChul charming cuteness~!

SuperJunior member Kim Hee Chul and SNSD Sunny sweet look was revealed.

On the 11th April,SBS radio station "Kim Hee Chul Young Street" photo bulletin board revealed the sweet looks of Sunny and Hee Chul.

Amongst these few photos,each photo of Hee Chul and Sunny is full of personality,and they showed their cute smile as well .Recently Sunny had brought alot of laughter through various variety shows with her excellent sense of humorous and received a lot of compliments from audience.Even her frown expression was considered a cute charm.

Basically Sunny and HeeChul took photos with a cute posed of "V",mainly with appearance and feel .And fans giving response like "nice to see the sweet look of both of them","lovely Sunny,handsome Hee Chul".

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