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Daily Interest [04.15.10]SNSD Taeyeon musical interview~!

All 9 of them are planned with the same consistency which so lovely and pleasant, as predicted their active and lively performance,the "Girls Generation". After the released of Gee,being recognised by others that she will make a daebak even with the release of the ballad song,the main lead singer of the group Taeyeon is being chosen as the lead of the musical "Song to the Sun",playing the role of Kaoru Amane and start her first challenge to the musical.

Having a pair of bright eyes and white coloured skin.Despite of she is in her early 20s but she is a girl that have appearance similar to a kid. Appearing at the interview site,the 1st impression of Taeyeon is cute and friendly whereby regardless of any age range, they will like it. As compared to her lovely look on tv appearance,she got a little bit more calm and quiet personality which made people reminiscent of her role in the musical,Kaoru Amane.

Beginning early in the morning. she have to practice for musical,then promotions and activities for new album,and coupled with live radio everyday...should be already very tired,but upon seeing familiar actors she would still greet to them,and once on the photo-shoot scene, her pose will all come out naturally.And when I saw familiar pose of SNSD,then I only realized "ahh~it's So Nyeo Shi Dae". On the afternoon, I met Taeyeon who is going for the next practice for the musical,and we had a chat.

Question: "Song to the Sun" is your first musical,before that there must be quite a number of musical invitation right?

Taeyeon: "I had heard about a few of the incoming work,but did not specifically heard about it.Because the company had their own I only heard about it."

Question: But your own will to perform for the musical is important,then what is the determined reason for you to participate in this musical?

Taeyeon:" Actually I had a lot interest on musical and I did watched the movie "Song to the Sun" too which gave me a great impression about it.I also remembered before watching the movie, I have listened to the OST and practiced it."

Question: How about an introduction of the leading role of "Song to the Sun" movie ,Kaoru Amane...

Taeyeon: "hmmm...Kaoru Amane is a rare girl who suffer from an illness called Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) . She is a girl who cannot active during the day but only able active during the night, and she is not the type who suffer from depression because of her illness .Instead,she tried to make herself more brightful.She's a girl who practice music, so she's also very emotional.Then, she has a pure and innocent character who will fall in love with a guy named Koji on first met.So when I have studied on it, I felt that the acting parts were a bit burden for me."

Question: In what way?

Taeyeon: "Due to the role is a very pure and innocent kind of girl, if I could not express it well,will it cause misunderstanding....Furthermore,there are movie,tv drama and novel of "Song to the Sun" in Japan,thats why I felt burden about it."

"I would like to take part in musical and sitcoms (comedy drama)"

Question:" it seems suitable for you.When the production company reading through the script, they think of Taeyeon-ssi, maybe taeyeon ssi pale skin played a role for this musical.(keke)"

Taeyeon: "I also feel that based on appearance,there's a bit look alike.(keke)Not tall,small figure,pale skin,all these seems to be a bit look similar.However, based on character,I'm not that bright , and it seems different from the character image."

Question: "What are the difference?"

Taeyeon: Everyday I'm DJ-ing Chinchin,and at that moment I think that I'm not myself anymore. Because I got to lead the program since I'm the DJ,so I became very bright which i didn't aware of it sometime, but my actual character is not so. I'm that type who looks very quiet and seldom talks.

Question: Do you think that there's a huge difference between you and the role you played?

Taeyeon: Kaoru Amane seems to appear to be "wound",but not actually wound. She's also not that type that talk a lot,so there's not much different to me.

Question: There's a scene that required to play guitar,so is this your first time learning guitar?

Taeyeon: In fact this is my first time learning guitar.Before the production team of "Song to the Sun" contacted me a month ago, there's a fans that gave me a guitar,so I'm fascinated with the guitar on that time.

Question: Does playing guitar seem stress to you sometime?

Taeyeon: "Indeed guitar yes,amount of practice too.Due to my schedule,I can't really have time to practice, then when practice with other actors also become different,so I'm quite stressful about it. I got to buck up and practice ahh~~ ...Hmmm,guitar,there's no guitar teacher,I learn it by myself."

Question: "Self-taught?"

Taeyeon: "Yes.(keke)When I first started learning guitar,I would refer to the guitar guide book which given by my fans. This time,there's an unnie (hong eun ju) who will do double casting with me,she had helped me a lot. That unnie told me this is also her first time playing guitar,but she played very well.When I'm learning,I found it's interesting too because I felt that I had improved.(keke)."

Question: Playing guitar,challenge acting also is your first time,do you have any interest on acting?

Taeyeon: "Yes,I'm interested.Not tv dramas or movies,but a simple comedy drama,I would like to try it.Previously I really wanted to try comedy drama,so I went to discuss with manager oppa,if there's musical or sitcoms (comedy drama) for me, and must remember to inform me...(take a look at manager oppa),but the company will have their own choice.(keke)Maybe because I'm the main lead singer of SNSD,thats why they didn't choose me for acting.immediately"

Question: This time there's an attempt to act,how do you feel?

Taeyeon: "Because this is my first time acting,so there's a lot of awkward moments. And a lot of hand gestures that I'm not sure how to do it,but the others actors did it very well,so it did helped me a lot".

Question: There's a huge difference between practice and real acting right?

Taeyeon: "When I read how the other actors acts,just the word 'Hello' there's a lot of difference depending on the accent.There's always time when I think that this should be correct,but later then I realized "ahhh~ actually this is not like that".I had learnt a lot by looking at the various real situations."

Question: Next time if there's chance for you to take part in comedy drama,it will be very helpful right.(keke)

Taeyeon: "Haha,I really like to act in a comedy drama."

"Kiss scene?aigooo...I dont know ah"

Question: Heard that Taeyeon-ssi is very serious,and also memorised the script beforehand.When you are alone,how do you practice?

Taeyeon: Because of the practice is not enough, so I will try my best to memorise the scripts lines as much as possible.Not long ago,I bought a voice recorder so I recorded relative actor's script line in advance.Then when there's break in between, I will take it out and listen,and I will practice my lines out. Just like having a practice with the other person.Confirmed all the things I memorise,and also sort out the tone,but actually I'm playing by myself.(keke)

Question: SNSD members didn't help you out?

Taeyeon: Because the other members are busy with their individual schedules already so there aren't not much time for the members to get together often. And I also would like to concentrate on my things,so I felt a bit sorry for them too.(keke)

Question: The 2 main lead of the show,Kaoru Amane and Koji having a pure love,how are you going to put the emotions in?

Taeyeon: "Haha,erm... Firstly...Of course must be possessed by the role,Kaoru Amane.Just think I'm the real Kaoru Amane, and there should not be any awkward feelings,so during rest time I got to talk a lot with Koji .The one who played Koji is Jun-sik oppa.In order to become more close he even making jokes then only can act naturally..As for me, seems like I'm having different feelings each time.(keke).There's a lot of awkward scene and by then you guys can have a look at the real side of me which I'm actually a shy person."

Question: Actors usually will act in natural sentiment as time goes by, do you ever did that?

Taeyeon: "Till now there's no skin contact with Koji,so it won't have that kind of feeling. Just like when I'm in school,and I'm attracted to the guy I like.It's necessary for me in order to speak the script lines so I will purposely have an eye contact with him ,and that will create a very subtle atmosphere".

Question: Heard that there will be some kissing scene, fans will worry about it right?(keke)

Taeyeon: "If you watch the movie,there will be a kissing scene.So all members (SNSD) very worried about it and asked "Is there any kissing scene?",when I read the script,there is.But that cannot considered as kiss,is just like lip touch only...Erm...I also don't know now.For me...I had asked other seniors a lot of times that "Is that really necessary",they said "Yes". How to do (ottoke)? Members will sure oppose to it.(keke)"

Question: Why the members will oppose to it? (keke)

Taeyeon: "Said no, as the family point of view.(keke) I don't know.For me,aigooo...don't know ah~(keke) .Based on that scene, sentiment effort is very important,if it's really neccessary,then i will do it. Fans may see me as SNSD Taeyeon,but at here I feel that I'm not SNSD.Due to I'm maknae on here as a musical member...Haha,if I really got to do it,then do it ah~ ..."

Question: It seems like you have quite a lot of concerns and worries about the kissing scene ah~ Actually it's just a simple question only...

Taeyeon: "Yes,I think a lot (keke).And I also feel burden about it(keke)."If said looking forward and move on before debut,then now we must take look back too."

Question: Currently you girls are having promotions on repackage album "Run Devil Run",but nowadays a lot of incidents are happening in the country,so there isn't much activities,right?

Taeyeon: "So now I can have more time to practice on musical.Well, don't know is it a good or bad thing. Music shows continued to cancel,so can make use of the rehearsal time to go to practice room for musical practice,I felt lucky about it. However, SNSD album are important too,so I'm a little bit worried about it so I'm quite contradict about it."

Question: There's a lot of activities for SNSD members. Jessica-ssi had participated musical before,Yoona-ssi had act in dramas before,do you think that you will get stimulate by it?

Taeyeon: "I'm not too sure about stimulate thing(keke).I had seen members acts in musical and drama before .I know is very hard that I got to wake up early in the morning and went on busy after it, I also told Yoona "You must be very tired right?".Thinking about Yoona is 1 year younger than me and she can do it so I can do it too and it has become a motivation for me."

Question: Jessica-ssi debut first based on musical,you must have hear some tips from her?

Taeyeon: "There isn't any tips though (keke) but she said many aspects are very difficult. "Got to wake up early in the morning, not tired?" "Right,I'm very tired" "If there's times that you could not make it for the musical practice,will you feel guilty about it?".All these are what I'm going through now."

Question: Musical practice is it early in the morning?

Taeyeon: "It starts from morning 10am,but for singer morning is equal to before dawn.If that day there's a lot of schedules,we got to wake up at 2~3am.So 12am is counted as slightly early than morning (keke).For me,in order to reach at 10am,I will wake up at around 8.40am,wash up, and have my breakfast,then get ready to depart.I will get nervous while on my way there,the feeling is just like I'm return back to the school (keke)."

Question: There're only 25 episodes for "Song to the Sun",and Taeyeon-ssi will appear 13 episodes out of 25.Although it will be very tired,but there must be something you looking forward to right?

Taeyeon: "To me,this is a good chance for me to test myself.If there's any mistake on the stage,I think that I will feel blame myself. So in order not to blame myself for any mistakes,I giving myself pressure.Got to memorize the lines as soon as possible,cannot make any mistakes, I just keep on pressure myself so sometimes there's a little bit headache."

Question: But before SNSD debut,you girls had went through a lot of tough training,so it should be quite easy for you isn't it?

Taeyeon: "Not exactly.Before debut,we are moving towards SNSD this goal,only looking forward and move on,but now is different.We have to do more things which should concentrate on singing.Musical,DJ-ing radio, and also SNSD activities...Previously we only look forward,now we got to look side and back and continue to moving on again.

After idol singers,and so on..."

Question: A lot of places are inviting SNSD Taeyeon,the opportunity were because of Gee right?It really reflects a strong feeling,how do you feel back then?

Taeyeon:"when first time we have won No.1 with 'Gee' is quite unimaginable actually.Even holding the trophy,the members are all very happy and excited(keke).Although we are really happy about it,but there's too much good thing happened at same time,so there's a feeling that all these are not reality.Then when watching TV,I feel that my face came out on TV quite a number of times.Until when I often seen other members appearing on TV,radio or CF,then only I feel that there's really a lot of places are inviting us.So we had discussed amongst the members, that we had to work harder and manage our image."

Question: So greedy ah... (keke)

Taeyeon: "Haha,because I think that idol singers have "limited lifespan",so now we got to show everything what we have now."

Question: If thinking about idol singers "lifespan",so a long-term plan already done?

Taeyeon: "SNSD soon will be having our Asia Tour Concert as well as singing, Yoona also may have some dramas to act on and more...Dreams are always getting bigger,and things to do will always become more. I have been thinking of going to Japan, wah~so Japan look like this ah~ ,there are many thoughts and feelings,so dreams are also getting bigger and more."

Question: Knowing that you girls are also very popular in overseas.Do you know about overseas fans building a SNSD museum?

Taeyeon:"I was so shocked.\ and i had never thought about that (keke).Just reading the letters from fans only.Last time, most of letters are from Asia fans.However, recently a lot of it are fans from Canada,England,Holland,US and more.Then I realized that this isn't a joke...Our fighting spirit suddenly shaken up,and make us wants to work harder ever since that."

Question: But,being always under spotlight of everyone,is there any moment that you girls suddenly felt tired about it?For example just now when there's a short shooting session ,a lot of eyes from the crowd are looking at you.

Taeyeon: "Hmmm...I don't know.Just let it be.I don't feel like i'm an artist,and I don't have to try to cover up anything.To be honest, if I'm going shopping alone and the attentions from the crowd are all on me, I will feel inconvenient. However, since we are human,we walk (keke),so it doesn't really matters.There's also time whereby they blocked my way, or trying not to let me go.Other than that,I'm grateful to those who able to recognise me."

Question: If there's one day none of the crowd recognise you,what will you want to do?

Taeyeon: "First is go shopping,also thought of going to amusement park with my members."

Question: Amusement Park seems to be a hot topic recently,it had been a topic on variety show before (keke)

Taeyeon: "The kids can't hold back themselves,so they sneaked out (keke) and that time they went there with their scarf with them.Just feel like doing something that we can do during our everyday life,feel like riding bicycle and cycle around Han river.In fact,I can't exercise over there too because those ahjumma will recognise me, and they will come and grab me (keke__laughter)."

Question: How's life in dormitory?Did you set any rules or anything for the girls living together?

Taeyeon: "There isn't any specific rules set.All things are being done by ourselves.We had live together for 3 years.So basic like,if that is not your thing,don't make it dirty.All these are done properly,each of us had our own room,so there's nothing inconvenient with."

Question: Going for practice soon?So now lets have our last question.Introduce the musical stage and said something to your fans and those who are coming to the musical to support you.

Taeyeon:"All the musical stage are very good.As you know,every actors are all very serious and passion with their peformance.Every single scene are relatively important for the next scene ,hope that you guys will watch it.And because this is my first time acting in musical,so there might be some part I may not perform that well,hope you guys can accept it.Hoping that all of you will not regard me as SNSD Taeyeon, but as an actor Kim Taeyeon."
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