Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Daily Interest [04.20.10]SNSD lovely stories between each other in winwin~

Recently SNSD had made appearance as guest for winwin,and during the show,the members revealed each other lovely stories and incident.

First is when SNSD members are drunk~

SNSD members revealed each other drunk temper after drunk.

SNSD recently had participated KBS 2TV "Winwin", they said " occasionally SNSD will also drink liquor".

First,Tiffany revealed Sooyoung drunk scandal.She revealed: "There's one day Sooyoung drank a can of beer,and came back to the dorm with a blushing cheeks.I was so shocked,so I asked her did she drink any alcohol,and it irritated Sooyoung,so she ends up very angry and said:" Why?I can't drink beer is it?".

Followed by,Tiffany revealed the habit of Jessica after getting drunk.She said," Whenever she get drunk,she will have the habit of calling people.There's once when Jessica was drunk,she called her mum and arranged to meet up the next day.The next day when her mum came,she said 'Mum,why are you here?' totally forgot the situation when she got drunk,already till this level".

Next is SNSD Seohyun is in love??

During the broadcast of "Winwin",the other SNSD members revealed the secret of maknae Seohyun,who is together with CN Blue Jung Yong Hwa as a couple in We Got Married.

Members revealed that "At home,Seohyun will praise Yonghwa","Seohyun and Yonghwa seems like they really fell in love with each other".

The couple recently had became a hot topic amongst netizens and fans.To the question "How do you think about Yonghwa",Seohyun felt shy and replied: "At first,I'm worry about awkward situation,but Yonghwa's character is very good,and showered me with lots of care and concern",which had arouse the others to be envy about it.

Followed by that,SNSD Hyoyeon surprisingly said:"During the day when Seohyun supposed to meet Yonghwa,she's already in the situation that she can't even have a proper sleep that day",which led Seohyun to be very panic about it.

On the other hand,all the members have lead Seohyun to reveal her unique charm,which attract alot of attention.

Next is lively and lovely image is very hard for Taeyeon?

2007 debut based on cute and lively image during "Into the new world" had attracted alot of attention of netizens and crowds.And from "kissing you","gee" to "oh" they always make a comeback with lively and lovely image. They are none other than SNSD (Taeyeon,Tiffany,Jessica,Yoona,Yuri,Sunny,Hyoyeon,Sooyoung,Seohyun).And this day,Taeyeon make a shocking confession.

Taeyeon suddenly said "During the "Gee" period,the lively and lovely image doesnt seems compatible to me as a 21 years old girl,is more difficult for me to digest it",which led to the other members that are on the recording that day were all unwittingly surprised.

Then Taeyeon continued "To the fans,during the "Gee" period,I have been showing the lovely and lively image for them,I often think that I should have shown some different image too." "But compared my own opinion with the other hardworking members,I cant be only care about my witless thoughts and ignore the other members".

In addition Yuri then revealed "similar on posing the lively and lovely image,the voice used for the song that attracted everyone's attention had always been pressurize me because of my hoarse voice".
In addition,Joo Hyun sunbaenim who had given SNSD alot of advices and help,appeared as guest for that day,and showed a wonderful eloquence performance.

Even with such difficult and bitter experience,or to reveal as the Korea top poular girls group, you cant see it anywhere,the wonderful performance that only belong to SNSD hit song,will only be broadcast during "Winwin" on 20th April,KST 11.05pm.

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