Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Daily Interest [04.21.10] SNSD & 2PM new CF spotted~~~

It's to be said that SNSD and 2pm are enjoying their date at outdoor swimming pool.

The reason for top popular boys group 2pm and girls group SNSD are seeing each other at the outdoor swimming pool is: They have been chosen as the advertising models for a particular game water park.

In the advertisement, SNSD showed their balance and slim figure.Of course,2pm enjoyed themselves  and show off their muscle mass body.

When a number of fans found out the location of the advertisement filming,they took pictures of it directly on the scene.They uploaded and spread it through their blog and various major entertainment,informed the 'date' of these 2 groups in advance.

This is not the first time both 2pm and SNSD are filming advertisement together.During 2008, they had been the advertising models,wearing various type of school uniforms for the advertisement.

During the broadcast of MBC Music Core last year on 31st Dec,they also did perform in a musical form that day.

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