Friday, April 30, 2010

Daily Interest [04.30.10] SNSD member send special messages to fans on their 1000th day debut anniversary

So Nyeo Shi Dae gives a special greetings to fans on their 1000th day anniversary.

So Nyeo Shi Dae revealed photos of each member on their official homepage on 30th April and posted up thank-up messages to fans. It’s their 1000th day debut anniversary.

The girls will also be performing the songs ‘Oh!’ and ‘Run Devil Run’ on KBS Music Bank on 30th April ending their 2nd album promotions.

Go under the cut for the translations of the messages the girls wrote.

* TaeYeon, “Even though it is not considered a short period of time, everyday have been happy, fulfilling and touching spent with Sone. 1000th day marks another beginning. There is still many more days for us to be together. Let’s work hard together. We are the best.”

* Jessica, “I’m bad with expressing myself. I love you”

* Sunny, “Let’s spend each of the following days together. SNSD and Sone is one.”

* Tiffany, “To rise up to this stage, we will definitely not go down easily. I pray that we ill continue to be together till the very end coming to the tough and high spot.”

* HyoYeon, “When I am very tired and thought that I hated this, I will think of the Sone encouraging us on with the pink balloons. I will work hard receiving all the energy from Sones.”

* Yuri, “Looking at the happy memories we have shared all this time, there was also the happy tears and times when we felt tired. I’m grateful that we were able to get through them together. The sincerity will prevail. Thank you and thank you again.”

* SooYoung, “We will not forget the love from fans. And continue to give our best not forgetting how we set out during the ‘Into The New World’ days.”

* YoonA, “Thank you for always being there through the sad and happy things. Sones are the best when it comes to encouraging us on stage. I will hate it if you love someone else.”

* SeoHyun, “Sones have always fed water to us 9 members who were clueless seeds, and being there for us. We will work hard to be the SNSD that Sones will be proud of. Let’s make more memories in the future.”

Translation credit to sookyeong@kbites