Friday, April 30, 2010

Daily Interest [05.01.10] SNSD Sooyoung humourous~!

SNSD Sooyoung broke the news and said her belly seems to stop hibernating already.

Sooyoung participated the recording of "MBC section TV entertainment",and eventually revealed that she had grown fatter.

During this interview,SNSD also admitted and said "Recently Sooyoung really had grown fatter" , "and had the nickname "pig Sooyoung" ^^.

To this,Sooyoung responds "It's been a long time since I measure my weight,and now it end up I had increased 3kg.From the day I born till now,this is the first time I see my weight becoming so heavy".

Sooyoung said "Members all said what you want to do with that belly fats. Hey, my belly  should stop hibernating  and decided to come out right",which led to the crowds burst out laughing.

Through this interview,Sooyoung also revealed her childhood photos when she first debuted in Japan.

video credit to SmoothyEcoS02

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