Friday, April 30, 2010

Daily Interest [05.01.10]SNSD Yoona potential variety experts

SNSD Yoona surprised the guys with her  bare hand ability  to catch a loach had become a topic.

SBS TV will be broadcasting "Family Outing2- Chinhan Chingu"  on the 2nd May, YoonA and her kin HeeChul and Shin Bo Sun,Dong min and more decided to catch loach for their dinner.
She goes well in the paddy fields and caught loaches which was considered also a difficult task for a guy to catch it and YoonA surprised the peoples around.

In addition,under the request of Dong Min,Yoona played the game "Gag run loach",abandoned the usual image of SNSD, imitate loaches and run around the paddy field and brought laughter to the crowds.
Recently through "Family Outing",Yoona had been showing her unique hearty laughter, totally transformed into a variety expert.

Other than this,on this day,it will also have the variety expert war between HeeChul and JoKwon.

here is the preview of this episode

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