Monday, April 5, 2010

Daily Interest & Video [04.05.10]SNSD won Music Bank on 2nd April~!

On the 2nd April,Music Bank broadcast was cancelled due to the sinking of naval ship.

However on that day,recording still held as usual.

Everyone must be wondering who's the winner for that day Music Bank right?
Well,as expected SNSD always never disappoint their fans whenever they made their comeback releasing either new album or mini album.

On the 2nd April Music Bank,SNSD won!

And they won with amazing results of 21223!! hohoho simply jjang, really proud of S♡NE to make this happened ^^.

Congratulations to the Girls once again~!

Follow up was Kara and 2am respectively ~!

Another good news is this week Music Bank will resume.

So we will be able to catch SNSD win on Music Bank again soon~

OK until then, Stay tune ~~~~

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And one video for you~~~ When KangDongWon met Taeyeon ^^