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Daily interest[04.12.10]Latest fan-pics of SNSD Taeyeon Family spectacles shop~!

Well,everyone knows that Taeyeon's father owned a spectacle shop at Jeonju..
So amongst S♡NE,who had went to the spectacle shop before to make spectacles or tour?

Recently,some fans of Taeyeon went to Taeyeon's father spectacle shop again and took some pictures of it. Inside the shop,there are full with Taeyeon's photos and some of their group photos.

It's can be see that Taeyeon's father is feeling really proud of her daughter based on the shop decoration ~! Well,SNSD is making such a great achievement,who won't feel proud of them ?
because of Taeyeon,the sales of the shop were increasing rapidly ^^

I have found an interview article about Taeyeon's parents talked about Taeyeon as below (credit to : silis7noy2@soompi )

Then something from Taeyeon's family; her father did an interview in this month's Woman Sense magazine

... Taeyeon's dad and mom are busy greeting fans that visit their eyeglass shop everyday. Even fans from overseas come visiting, and when time permits dad and mom will take them and show them around the school that Taeyeon used to attend.

"Since little, Taeyeon was taeyeon(*the word taeyeon means composed, nonchalant), she was good in everything. She was more mature than others her age and always did her duties quietly. I knew she was good at singing but it surprised me when she said she wanted to go to singer audition"

But in fact her talents come from her parents. Dad was a vocalist in a band, and mom had won children's song competitions when young. With his musical dreams folded dad is now cheering for his daughter.

"I try not to oppose whatever things my children want to do... Whenever my kids did something difficult I praised and encouraged them even if it wasn't something they were to do. Maybe because of that Taeyeon learned to take care of things on her own . She brought up courage to ask for our permission to audition and we were surprised but we didn't oppose it. She just wanted to merely verify her abilities by auditioning. But she ended up getting the first place"

Since Junior high Taeyeon practiced singing and repeated recording her singing and listening. Her efforts have paid off in 2004 at the 8th SM Youth Best Competition. She won Norae Jjang the 1st place award and began her preparation to be a singer. Taeyeon's vocal trainer/singer The One still considers her as the best pupil he ever had. Even at young age Taeyeon's solid skills were renowned during the trainee days, and eventually she became an artist beloved by the whole public as the lead singer of SNSD. Watching her daughter Taeyeon becoming an idol star at young age, the parents are feeling much pride. But their heart is also cautious. As ones with life experience the parents know how precarious a top star's fame can be. So they are trying to guide her to become a person who can withstand any difficulties she may encounter. It is Dad's wishes that her daughter Taeyeon remain a modest and altruistic person with compassion.

"We are already thinking of the future. Taeyeon has become a big star at such a young age, there surely will be a day when she descends from that. She should prepare for the day. She will continue to learn more about life. Listening to her radio show she does give out lot of good advice to listeners. And she gets to listen to stories from many people. Where else would she get experience interacting with so many wonderful people. I tell her whoever you meet you should always stay modest and try to find something to learn from them."

...Since becoming a star it's become difficult for dad to see his own daughter, but he comforts himself with the fact that his daughter is loved by so many fans. Instead he will do his best to continue supporting his daughter to become a better singer.
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And the shop already have 51 years history, really jjang.
How i wish to get one of this cloth but according to the fans this glass wipe cloth with Taeyeon's signature printed on it was no longer available anymore =

One more picture for you ~~ do you still remember who is he ^^...'s our Girls' sweet heart lovely 'Kyungsan' ~~~
It's been a while since the last time when we saw him on TV and he seem like has grown a lot compare to 'Hello baby' broadcast time. According to fantaengoo, he got a fanclub now...jjang. Hope he will stay healthy and grown well to become a Soshi man ^^.
Kyungsan..arrh..Saranghae~~~~~ ^_______^

Here is some sharing from one of our reader (Joel Michael Seah)
That South Korea got hit by a wave of "foot-and-mouth" disease which is affecting their livestock and there has been a massive culling and it happened near Seoul.
South Korea began culling almost 30,000 farm animals in a bid to contain the highly contagious foot-and-mouth disease following its outbreak two days ago, officials said. The disease hit a cattle farm in Ganghwa, some 40km west of Seoul last Friday and has infected four more farms nearby, officials said yesterday. Ganghwa county spokesman Bae Hung-Kyu said animals on 227 farms within three kilometres of contaminated farms would be killed.
It's sound quite serious, hope the girls' will be safe from this outbreak and thanks to Joel for the info-sharing.

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