Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Daily Interest[04.21.10] SM made clarification "Tiffany never accept any individual interview before"

On 19th April, cubed3 has released a news about Tiffany individual interview session content. During the interview, Tiffany being asked whether they (SNSD) will be doing better than WonderGirls in the States or not, she answered "Yes" confidently.

After the fans read about this news, they have showed great responds over it with around 600 comments , basically the fans divided to the fans who support Tiffany while on the other hand who anti against the Tiffany and started strong debating over it .

Regarding this, SM entertain has made clarification  which Tiffany never accept any individual interview before.
Now the host site has deleted the interview content and announced that the interview came from an unknown and unauthentic source. At the same time, Cubed3 also has clarified about this and showed its apologies to any fans that have been inconvenienced or misled by this article.