Thursday, April 1, 2010

Daily NEWS [04.01.10]SNSD Elle photo shoot~!

It seems like the always lively and refreshing SNSD recently had change over their look from girls to ladies with mature charm.
Now let's follow SNSD and have a look at their ELLE photo shoot at the shooting scene.

On the 9th March,SNSD went to UFO Studio for ELLE photo shoot.This day only Tiffany,Sooyoung,Seohyun and Hyoyeon are present for the photo shooting.Once off the camera scene,they are still lively and cheerful.
The fashion theme of the photo shooting is 2010 DKNY main core: tide powder,dyeing,natural and various images.The girls used natural makeup and tied a high neat bun hairstyle with fantasy expressions,present a more mature feel than usual.In front of the camera scene,although SNSD had a sincere effort look,but it still couldn't hide their happy and lively dynamic.
On this day,the most active member is Hyoyeon.A mixture of stripes and dots fabric patterns of a very feminine dress,black flower pattern dress,tank top and paradise dyeing silk and various materials,patterns and style of clothing are well present by Hyoyeon,even the photographers and staffs praised her about it.
In addition,whether wearing a dress showing beautiful straight legs,or continuous shooting of jump shot,Sooyoung manage to interprets the theme perfectly,and obtained recognition from others.

ELLE photoshoot~!

video credit to Taeng018

Source:ELLE official website