Thursday, April 1, 2010

Daily news [04.01.10] SNSD 'Jessica' shining blonde hair & pink dress caught attentions!

 SNSD Jessica participared Seoul Designer Fashion Show.

On 1st April at 6pm,Seoul SEREC had their 20th "2010 F/W Seoul fashion week" anniversary.

Jessica had participated the designer show, she appeared with blonde hair and pink skirt and had garnered the attentions of the crowds.

Once Jessica appears at the stage of the fashion show,the audience who attended the fashion show said "ah~She looks so beautiful in reality" "That's why is SNSD ah~" and etc..

Today during the fashion show, SNSD Jessica,Seo Jin Young,After School Park Gahi,Jooyeon,T-max Kim Jun  and various artists had joined this event which enlightened the whole show.

Seoul city and Seoul fashion week organization held the 2010 Seoul fashion week starts from 26th March till 1st April.It was held at SETEC and Kring for a week.

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