Saturday, April 3, 2010

Daily NEWS [04.04.10]SNSD mini museum~!

 Recently in Canada,a fans revealed his self-made SNSD mini museum "Soshi Dreams" ,which was done on January 2010.

This fans introduce himself as a S♡NE ,used a budget of USD8000 to build this SNSD mini museum.

Through video and photos,it revealed the mini museum,he said "although the space is not big enough,but inside there's more than 200 stuffs related to SNSD,and at least 450 photo-cards of SNSD and more".

This fans then went on said: "All the 9 members of SNSD are my favorite","If there's no 9 members,there's no SNSD".

To this,a lot of fans exclaimed "This S♡NE is really devoted to SNSD","even also have Samyang Ramyun CF that SNSD endorsed ","I must go there and have a look" and more..

Continued from "Oh!" virus,currently the girls are promoting their repackage album "Run Devil Run" with their dark concept outfits.

Go under cut for more pictures;
(Salute to this super fans, it' simply amazing~~~~)

And here is the video;

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