Thursday, April 15, 2010

Daily News [04.15.10]SNSD become Korea Incheon Airport customs ambassador~!

Popular girls group SNSD will be the ambassador of Incheon Airport customs and start the promotions.Appointment ceremony is expected to be held at Incheon Airport on the 15th April in the afternoon.

During this day,the girls will get the chance to experience some of the customs operations,such as explain to foreign visitors what to take note of for safety,and the use of X-ray for checkup.

SNSD said,"We can feel the customs playing an important role in the protection of national security,therefore,we will aggressively promoting the major policy activities of Incheon Airport customs".

At the same time,SNSD will have their Asia Tour concert in China,Shanghai on the 17th April.

Go undercut for SNSD Incheon Airport Customs interview~

video credit to Taeng018

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