Monday, April 19, 2010

Daily NEWS [04.19.10] SNSD Taeyeon to withdraw from MBC FM4U Chinchin~!(audio clip added)

SNSD Taeyeon had withdrawn as DJ from the  of MBC FM4U Chinchin.

MBC radio station said, Taeyeon will officially leave MBC FM4U Chinchin on 27th this month.

Radio station representative expressed, "because of Taeyeon personal matters, she had decided to leave Chinchin,and another person will replace the her DJ position".

Taeyeon will have her last broadcast of Chinchin on the 25th April.Taeyeon had been the DJ of Chinchin since April 2008 till now, 2 years had past. SM representative said,"Taeyeon had to prepare for her musical on the following month and also the Asia Tour Concert.So,now is time for her to recharge her energy to the fullest".Taeyeon had been DJ-ing Chinchin together with Super Junior Kangin.After Kangin left Chinchin last year,Taeyeon had been DJ-ing Chinchin alone till now.

Taeyeon as the leader of SNSD,had been actively promoting their album, their Asia Tour Concert and also being the sub MC of Winwin.Not only so,she had been chosen as the lead of the musical "Song to the Sun" which will be on stage in the following month.

Fanstaengoo &
Well,is quite sad that Taeyeon had to leave Chinchin due to her upcoming busy schedules.But in a good way,is time for her to get more rest~!So that she can perform in her best form for every stage ^^

Taeyeon hwaiting~!
here is the short audio which you able to hear Taeyeon a bit sad and sob > <