Monday, April 19, 2010

Daily NEWS [04.19.10]SNSD characteristic sequence ranking ?

During the broadcast of Y-Star documentary "Now it's Girls Generation",SNSD personally explained the misunderstanding about internet arrangement of their characteristic sequence ranking ,which had become a hot topic amongst netizens on the net.

Jessica said: "There's no arrangement which is close to real situation".Taeyeon also said :"Even the period we entered the company as trainees is not arrange correctly".

But based on the arrangement of aegyo,all of them agreed.Sunny's aegyo is No.1.Seriously since they debuted,because of her irresistible aegyo,Sunny always is everyone's favorite.

Then based on singing abilities,leader Taeyeon having powerful and charisma singing skills crowned No.1 undoubtedly, while Yuri is the No.1 for funny and strange pictures.Yuri added: "After participating the real variety shows,I feel that I will eventually reveal my true self without even aware of it". ^^

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