Thursday, April 22, 2010

Daily NEWS [04.22.10] SNSD feelings

9 person with 9 different colours,full of charisma and charm,SNSD showed their individuals true feelings under the light.

During the broadcast of "Winwin" on 20th, SNSD recalled back to the past and said "When we first debut,Yoona and Tiffany are the most popular ones".Tiffany said "it's  really amazing, popularity is just like changing seasons.We can feel it in our group"cautiously disclosed her own feelings.

Yoona's popularity is related to her appearance on a few dramas,Jessica said "After Yoona had been  making appearance on dramas,there's none of the granny who don't know about us, it's all because of Yoona","there's nothing to jealous about,all the other members felt proud about it instead" conveyed a positive effect.

However Yuri said "I will jealous about it,if I say I won't jealous,is actually a lie.During that time it seems like they only recognized Yoona only" and continued "But,that kind of thoughts had already changed","Just treat that period of time as a practice days,practice more various dance,allow me to have different charisma and charm".

While Sooyoung said,"Is not that I don't have desire,but neither do I have much keen about it". "Had been under the care of my mum for 7 years, 'when your daughter will debut?','is your daughter one of the SNSD member?', all these kind of questions are commonly heard,so I felt sorry about it to my parents".

But Yoona seriously replied," 'Although in the drama I'm Saebyuk,but I'm actually a singer,SNSD' I had been promoting SNSD like this during that time"."Why I'm doing this that time is because, now during fan-sign events,fans will say I don't want Yoona's signature, I want Seohyun's one.I cut my hair short and everything is ruined" the answer which is full of wisdom had brought much laughter to the crowds.

On the other hand,during the broadcast of "Winwin",special guest Fin.K.L Joo Hyun surprise appearance,and let SNSD Sooyoung to tear and revealed her real wish at the scene.

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