Monday, April 26, 2010

Daily NEWS [04.26.10] SNSD Yoona felt lonely when seeing the other SNSD unnie performing on stage without her

Girls group SNSD Yoona elaborate,whenever she's on for drama show or personal schedule then  she saw her group members are all participating activities without her,she felt sad and lonely.

Together with the other SNSD members,Yoona participated the recording of KBS 2TV "Story Show Delight",and for the personal schedules and activities each member had, Yoona forthright her feelings about it.

The first to have own personal schedules and activities was Yoona, she said "Although filming drama is very tired for me but when seeing the other 8 members standing at the stage and performed without me is the most sad and lonely thing to me"."As compared to attending personal schedules,I prefer performing at stage with the other members".

Then Yoona also said something which surprised everyone,"All SNSD members wishes" is "Hyoyeon unnie able to participate in variety show.Strongly recommend!She's really good at it".

In addition,SNSD who started their Asia Tour Concert on the 17th,gave some comments about international fans imitate their dance choreography and songs." It seems that there isn't much mistakes in it"."After watching,we were all shocked and felt miraculous at the same time and touched about it.Thinking that we should work harder in the future".

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