Monday, April 26, 2010

Daily NEWS [04.27.10]SNSD Taeyeon debut on musical

Top singers are making appearance on musicals during the spring and summer seasons had been a successive one.

They are none other than top popular girls group SNSD Taeyeon and domestic representative of sexy singer Ivy.

Taeyeon will be the female lead for musical "Song to the Sun",which will be on stage on 7th May at Seoul Sejong Cultural Center's M Theater.This is the first time Taeyeon take part in musical ever since she debut in 2007 till now.Taeyeon role in this musical is a girl who suffered from XP( a skin disease), and cannot expose to sunlight.Musical "Song to the Sun" is staged based on a Japan novel.

On the other hand,Ivy will be participate in musical in the summer.

Ivy will be taking part on the musical "Kiss me Kate" from 9th July to 14th August.So this will be Ivy first time taking part in musical since she debut 5years ago.

Oak Joo Hyun,Bada,DBSK Jun Su,Big Bang Seung ri and Dae Sung,SNSD Jessica,SHINee Onew and many more top singers had made their appearance and debut from musical,their level of acting are obvious and being recognised too.

To the top singers starred in series of musical,a person related to the music industry commented the main reason "When taking a look at the lead for the musical,singers are consider first because they already have the abilities to dance and sing,and the power to mobilize the audience are also good. Hence, they have the charisma which enable them to get choose".

Then,he also analysis:"Through musical,singers not only expand their areas of activities,it also help them experience the challanges on new areas and to broaden their career fields.

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