Sunday, April 11, 2010

Daily Video [04.11.10] Soshi won "Mutizen" again~~~~

Yea~~~~ On today SBS' Inkigayo, Black Soshi storm continued to spread across the stage.

Our Girls have won 2nd 'Mutizen award' with "RunDevilRun' song and continued the strong "Black Soshi" wave. SNSD really jjang and proud to be S♡NE ^^.
PLus, i really love the white soshi outfit back they wore on stage again, and they look absolutely gorgeous. hohohohoh ~~~
Also congratulations to T-ara as well for winning their 2nd Mutizen for the last week of March.
OK~~ let roll to watch the Run.....Run...Run~~~~~~~ ^__^

SNSD "RunDevilRun"

SNSD Won~~~~

Rain "Love Song & Hip song"

 After school "Let do it & bangs"


2Am - I did wrong

T-ara~~i really hurt