Saturday, April 24, 2010

Daily Video [04.24.10] Gee virus conquered Dead Fantasy ^^

No more FIGHT.... Girls ~~~ Let dance GEE !!!!

I presumed many of you have get to know and love the Girls through the affection of Gee virus ^^ which I'm also one of you ^^ . Gee virus even aroused many other Gee parody which brought much excitement & laughter to us. 
Today, i've come across another awesome Gee parody which brighten up my day. The Gee parody was done by a group of famous girl character in games like Final Fantasy & Dead or Alive, or called Dead Fantasy created by Monty Oum
{ A bit introduction:
Originally, Dead Fantasy is a series of fan-made CG action movies created by Monty Oum, starring a select cast from the Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden series fighting agaisnt characters from the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts game franchises "battle royale-style" in a number of different environments, including archaic ruins and modern cities. The movies have made many salutes to other games and films in the fighting genre, as well as featuring fan-made weaponry and costumes.
(Source: wikia.gaming)   }

It was so much fun to watch all the girls heat up and dancing Gee on the floor and brought the Gee excitement  to us again at least it's work for me ^^. I believe through this video, SNSD Gee virus will spread further and  maybe will conquer  million of gamers out there. Jjang ^__^.
Okie~~~Here is the video~~~ Gee...Gee..Gee..Gee

This is an awesome video, isn't it ^^

Well, if you interested to know more, here are more videos created by Monty Oum for you ^^.

videos credit to Monty Oum