Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Daily Video [04.27.10} SNSD "Hey Cooky craze~~~~hey~~hey"

SNSD cooky girls concept has become  a popular trend now in Korea.

I must admit this commercial was a successful clips which definitely able to arouses many peoples  interests want to find out more about this LG Cyon cooky cellphone at least it's works for me ^^.

After listened to the "Cooky song" yesterday, the catchy lyrics "Hey Cooky~~~ hey..hey" keep repeating in my head. In addition, today they have released another video which featured the Girls' individual special introduction to the LG cooky phone features and you 'll able to watch it through their website (it's seem like required updated flash video plugin) or below video for you.

However, i strongly recommend pay a visit to the website and this is one of the best website design GUI i have ever come across at which  the website was designed full of creativity and well interactive especially Taeyeon so cute in the website ^^~~~~~ Love it ......^____^. 
Hey Cooky ~~~~ Hey..Hey..hohohohohoho

 video credit to jasoncooIl93