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Daily Interest [05.31.10] Happy Birthday 'Im YoonA' ^^

 SNSD fans (S♡NE) have put up an advertisement on newspaper to celebrate YoonA 21st Birthday and also carried out some charity activities .By looking at the advertisement which already able to feel the love of the fans to YoonA.

YoonA's birthday is 30th May, the reason of the birthday advertisement released on 28th was to consider that if the advertisement were released on weekend, many students and working peoples might not be able to see it.

YoonA has celebrated her birthday earlier  with a simple birthday party organized by the fans in SM company and other SNSD members also with her on that day.
Besides, SNSD fans already have donated 2 million won to the charity unit under YoonA name ^^.


Daily NEWS [05.31.10]Taecyeon confessed that he like Yoona!!!

During the broadcast of SBS 'Family Outing 2' on the 30th May,Wondergirls 'Sunye' revealed that, when Taecyeon first time saw SNSD, he was so excited and this eventually became the hot topic.
Wondergirls was the guests for that day FO2 recording. And both Taecyeon (2pm) and Wondergirls are under the same entertainment company 'JYP'.

During this day of recording,when Taecyeon was being asked "Who he like among SNSD members?", then Sunye teasing  Taecyeon "I know who you want to say,so just be honest".Even Ye eun also mentioned "We often heard Taecyeon talked about SNSD",which made Taecyeon very nervous with that.

Taecyeon and SNSD previously met on a show whereby 2pm were the regular guests,and when they are discussing about this,Sunye described how Taecyeon reacted at that time "After they met,Taecyeon was so happy and excited".While Yoona on the other hand said "We dont know about it".
And it ended up under the pressurize of other family members,Taecyeon carefully revealed the truth. Taecyeon,being the one who will always changes his ideal types when talked about it, honestly said "That time my ideal type was Yuri".

But at this point of time,Sunye stepped out and said "you said is Yuri,but that time actually is Yoona".And finally Taecyeon confessed "Actually I like Yoona" disclosed what's the feeling he had for Yoona now which caused the family members to end up cheering and screaming in joy.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Daily Interest [05.30.10]Taecyeon confess want to get closer with YoonA!! ^^

 During the broadcast of FO2 on the 30th,Wondergirls are the guests for the day.

While on their way to their destination on the bus,Family members discussed about who they want to sit together and get closer with.HeelChul chose his ideal type,Wondergirls Sohee,Yoon Sang Hyun chose Yoobin. When everyone is asking Taecyeon chose who to get closer with between Wondergirls and SNSD, initially he said:"
I liked Yuri first," then Sunye revealed that, "That's not true. He liked Yoona from the very beginning." After that Taecyeon confess :"I want to get closer with Yoona",which created an uproar among Wondergirls members.

Besides, also when Yoona said she wanted to get closer with Taecyeon too,Taecyeon got excited and immediately kneeled infront of her.

On the next episode,both Yoona and Sunye chose Taecyeon,but who Taecyeon will choose?

Well,let's look forward to the coming episode ^^

 YoonA  reaction after eating the chicken leg


You heard the girls speak Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese and now YoonA going to add another one which is Cantonese. YoonA really cute when she speak: "我地一齊食 (means let eat together in Cantonese)". Love it ~~~~ Hwahahahahaha ^^  

 YoonTaec versus Heechul/Sohee water fight ^^ Who will you bet on it to win ^^.

Taecyeon naughty boy ^^

Next week preview ~~~ it getting exciting , can't wait to watch it...hohohohoh ^^

videos credit to 0421tx, keoconvoi999

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Daily Video [05.30.10] SNSD live in Dream concert ^^

Finally the one of the much anticipated event for Kpop fans Dream concert is here on today broadcast.
The Girls performance are just superb and the enormous pink glowing ocean S♡NE simply magnificent just by looking at it.  Really proud of you guys great support to the Girls ^^ .Jjang~~~~
Also the great live sound system make the Girls singing flawless and pushed the atmosphere to the hottest. OK..Let Oh!~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^^
Oh..Oh..Oh..Oh... Brand new sound ^^ love it. Hope you can feel the excitement as what i feel...heheheh^^>

SNSD "Oh!"

SNSD 'Break dance & RDR "

videos credit to SmoothyEcoS02

 the rest Kpop stars

ⓕ(x) - Nⓤ ABⓞ

Davichi - Time, Please Stop

 CⓝBLⓤE - I'ⓜ ⓐ Lⓞnⓔr + Lⓞvⓔ

SHⓘNⓔⓔ - Rⓘng Dⓘng Dⓞng

Kⓐra - Lⓤpⓘn

2ⓟⓜ - Wⓘthⓞut ⓤ

Wonder Girls ~ 2 different tears

Lⓔⓔ HyⓞRⓘ - Chⓘtⓣy Chⓘtⓣy Bⓐng Bⓐng

SUper Junior ~ BOnamana


 video credit to CrazyCarrot330

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Daily NEWS [05.30.10] So Nyeo Shi Dae chosen as Korea’s best ‘pop girlgroup’

So Nyeo Shi Dae has been chosen as Korea’s best ‘pop girl group’.
Neo Bob did a surver amongst 541 people from 10th till 28th May on ‘Which is the leading pop girlgroup for mass culture?’ and the results show So Nyeo Shi Dae at #1 with 38.2% of the votes. Groups WonderGirls and KARA are at #2 and #3 position on the survey results with 35.6% and 23.4% of the votes.

Shin JaeKyu representative of Neo Bob said, “By ‘pop girl’ we are talking about the leader of trends amongst the new generation females. Through this survey, we got to know how much of such an influence So Nyeo Shi Dae, WonderGirls and KARA have on their fans. So Nyeo Shi Dae, who is at #1, are not only leading in terms of their albums, but also in terms of vvarious genres like CF appearances and corporate sales. So Nyeo Shi Dae is representative pop girlgroup who inspires the 3040 ‘uncle’ fans.”

The representative added, “WonderGirls is the first domestica girlgroup who has successfully advanced into the American market. WonderGirls, to their fans, is a girlgroup who shows their inspiration and hardwork for new challenges, and are known for being the cutie-sexy girlgroup. And KARA is a team known for being outspoken and reflecting the latest trends.”

Article credit to sookyeong@kbites

Daily Interest [05.29.10] Yonghyun couple blood donation scenario ^^

 As earlier posted about 'YongHyun' couple went for blood donation during a special event called "22Day".

At this day, in beginning they have dated on a coffee shop to talked about what happened few days ago. At this time, Seohyun said:" We have met each other around 22 days passed". then she added:" Because it was 22 days already, i would like to do something meaningful". She then silenced for while and come up an idea said:" let do about something simple ^^, how about blood donation".

Then Yonghwa responded:" Although never thought about donating blood before, but it would be nice to do something meaningful with special one (Seohyun ^^) , let do it". Then they off to blood donation place. Besides, this was first time 'Yonghyun' couple revealed their ID card in TV when they being asked for ID card by the blood donation staff.

Also because of  there's in need for A type blood,Seohyun said "Blood should be share".Both Seohyun and Yonghwa are A type blood.
 But unfortunately,after a checkup it was found out that Yonghwa cannot donate his blood due to he just returned from Japan lately, the country that had a lot of H1N1 cases. And taking acne medication was also one of the reason.Seohyun then uttered "Heeeee~~~~~~",and felt a bit disappointed about it.

Seohyun showed an aegyo which is slightly different as usual.When Yonghwa called her "Hyun~~", Seohyun replied "Why you always said Hyun~~".Upon seeing this scene, SNSD Sooyoung said "This is Seohyun ageyo",which surprised the people around. But this time,she really showed a very cute ageyo.

In addition,Seohyun is very healthy which the examine showed that her blood is rich in iron. The nurse who checked on the blood also said "Do you eat food that are rich in iron usually?".Seohyun then said "Healthy blood will soon be share",and  really into blood donating which let Yonghwa felt ashamed about himself.

Seohyun cute aegyo "Heeeeee~~~~~" ^^

 Yonghyun couple avatar moment ~~~~ ^^

video credit to sosiz, galio6th
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Daily News [05.28.10] YongHyun couple "TwoTowDay" blood donation ^^

MBC "We got married" Yonghyun couple,in order to commemorate "TwoTwoDay",Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun did a special event,which they went for blood.donation
"TwoTwoDay" is an event that recently held for young couple to commemorate their 22 days of dating. Differently from the original plan, Jung Yong Hwa didn't donate his blood instead he  danced "Oh!" in front of Seohyun and also help Seohyun do massage on her legs ^^.

Whats the reason behind for Jung Yong Hwa to giving up  blood donation and let Seohyun to donate blood alone, the answer will be revealed on 29th "We got married".

In addition,after the blood donation, the 'Yonghyun' couple went for a movie session.Till now,both of them still haven't get a chance to hold hands,whether both of them will have any further intimate skin contact in the cinema or not, it  surely will get all the attentions of the viewers.

video credit to keoconvoi999

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Daily News [05.28.10] Sunny great " Gag sense" ^^

SNSD Sunny gag sense is really good & unique. KBS variety show "Invincible Youth" PD Kim praised her "Personality is good, know how to make good use of the recording atmosphere".

When Sunny first joined "Invincible Youth",she does not seems to gain much popularity.But because of overseas schedules and need to leave "Invincible Youth",Sunny showed her higher sense of presence.Recently at "Invincible Youth",at the corner whereby viewers wrote letters and compared which members got the most letters,Sunny superiority crowned the 1st place among G7.
Recently,Sunny together with "Gag concert" members perfectly acted "The world that upset me" as a drunkard. Gagmen all asked Sunny "Quickly join Gag Concert".

Sunny has a great sense of extraordinary gag verbal and physical,and the talent of capturing the right time,the ability of using voice imitation and "aegyo Zzang" to create a scenario, which show her great sense of gag.
And she is performing all kinds of shows which different from those whom scenes always being cut and worried about broadcast rate because of image.Even if she retired from SNSD, in variety show there's always a place for Sunny to shine.

On the 19th,Sunny together with Yuri and 4minute Hyunah have carried out the last recording of the show,and bid farewell to her pet cow (Pureum). For this, Sunny  showing her sincerity by bringing foods  that she brought from her home
for her pet cow , and shed tears when bidding farewell with the pet cow (Pureum).

During the recording,even if she's not feeling well, Sunny always spent her time looking after and accompany her pet cow. To Sunny,who had already built a strong and deep relationship with Pureum so this time is hard for Sunny to bid farewell also. This is exactly like the variety version of "Voice of cow bell".

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Daily Interest [05.27.10] Yuri & Sunny "Eating watermelon" match on IY ^^

On latest "Invincible Youth" recording,  the G7 members start " Eating watermelon" storm match.

That day, G7 members came to a fruit farm, and they separated to two group to start "Eating watermelon" match. Yuri & Sunny are the type who usually doesn't eat  much on their daily meal but at that day they have insist on finished eating the watermelon till peels left. Both of them faces were stained with watermelon seed and made everyone burst into laughter after seeing it.

Besides, that day G7 members were directed to a mountain area to collect some Korean herb and 2 person per pair. At this moment, 'Taewoo' oppa volunteer himself to go with Yuri as pair. Since it's been a while Taewoo oppa to have a  walk with Yuri so he's a bit excited^^, then he asked Yuri:" Do you believe oppa (Taewoo)?" , Yuri replied:" mom said it's better not to trust you" and brought much laughter after hearing Yuri witty answer. However, Taewoo seem like do not giving up easily and he left a video message to Yuri mom on the spot and showed her sweet side. 

This going to be last "Invincible Youth" recording for Yuri & Sunny so remember to catch this precious episode which will be aired on coming 28th May. 

NOW IT'S  INVINCIBLE YOUTH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^__________^


Daily Interest [05.27.10] SNSD crew member views on SNSD

I had got to known these kids for several years,they had gone through so much and walked so far till now,they had reached the peak.And behind all this success is full with all their hard work and what they had did since back which everyone able to observe it easily.

The leader,the one that who had always working very hard for this group-Taeyeon.On the stage,this girl had always showed  explosive power, but  privately she is the one with mature,steady,quiet personality,and due to this that's the reason why she's being chosen as the leader.During their first debut staged,once she asked me "can we do it?" ,because she's the leader,so she always need to say "Annyeong Hasaeyo, We  are So Nyuh Shi Dae ".

And "Annyeong Hasaeyo,We are So Nyuh Shi Dae " "Please give us SNSD  more support" "I'm SNSD Taeyeon" are the phrases that this child had to say it everyday.

Jessica,the one that always give others a feeling of proud,arrogant,not easy to get along with, so her first impression for others is not really that positive.When they first debuted,she will always stand behind Taeyeon and speaks softly :"I'm Jessica".On stage,always smiled broadly,arrogantly and do well her part,so when members watched their performances through Tv, they will say "that's Jessica".She don't really like to greet people, I did asked her why,she said :"Greet,why, we are very close isn't it" then I will think about it,ahhh~that's Jessica ^^.

Sunny is a girl who likes to do aegyo,always boldly showing her true self in front of other members, because of her own personality, she's very adorable.And also due to sometimes she will be very quiet,so she got a nickname called "double side Sunkyu".

Miyoung (TIffany), the one that I'm very close to among the members.When they just debuted,she and taeyeon seems to be the diplomat of SNSD, the steadiness of Taeyeon and the adorable of Miyoung, let others easy to remember and recognize "SNSD". Maybe because of her charma, when people see her they will tend to smile without notice about  it. And sometimes,when she show her temper or anger,she will sit at one corner by herself, she is really  cute." Are you ok, Hey~" this is how Miyoung get to greet people.

Hyoyeon has an innocent personality,but sometimes she's very mature and to act as if she's the oldest, and sometime always use that tone which a sunbae(senior) will use like "Can I do this?" "You can't do it like this" "You can do this one"...But sometimes she will use aegyo "hmmm...ok".

Yuri is more on shy personality,always stand behind pf other members during they first debuted, but this year Yuri had changed a lot,she become more lively  and can often heard the laughter "Haha",and because of  her laughter is so unique,people are able to remember it just by listen to it once.

Sooyoung is the type with bright character, and also she got a slim & tall body figure always get envied by other members. She is good at making jokes which wherever Sooyoung is there, the place will always full of "haha" smiling voices.

YoonA, she is really pretty and loved by everyone. Yoona has good manner which she always do her greeting: "Hi, I'm So Nyeo Shi Dae 's YoonA, please support So Nyeo Shi Dae",  And she always do it with proper bowing. YoonA also is a child with bright character and she always making jokes for the members but somehow it's really not that funny so she got "cold YoonA" nickname with her.

Seohyun, she is most proper  artist which I've ever seen, she always said:" 'YES' 'OK' , sometime she will bring out some herb from her bags and made me curious with it, then Seohyun replied: " If wish to live longer life, of course need to take care of your health" , "Cannot eat these, if you eat these you're going to die soon". She is such an interesting kid..hehhehe ^^.


>> Here are  few HD pictures of SPAO releases new World Cup photos featuring So Nyeo Shi Dae
     The girls look really Jjang especially Sunny ^^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (click to enlarge full picture)

video credit to SapphireSG

Picture credit to SPAO Korea
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Daily Pictures [05.26.10] SNSD First Official photo album teaser

 Still remember not too long that's a post about SNSD will be releasing their First official photo album at end of May. 

Today, SMent had released a few tempting looking photos teaser on SM website, and  they also have changed the date of release of the photo album to 7th June. The Girls area going to Japan soon and will be doing promotion activities for a while at there (rumor said around 5 months) and this album should be a good item able to serve your SNSD addiction until the girls release their next album ^^.

Let have a look these photos now~~~~~~

           Can you guess which SNSD member sexy lip is on below picture ?^^

>>> The Girls first Official photo album are up on YESASIA for Preorder (LINKS). 
Now it's Girls' Generation~~~~~~~~~ ^_______^

 Pictures credit to SM Entertainment

Daily Interest [05.26.10] YoonA new CF calls ^^

 YoonA getting CF calls again~~~~~~~ ^^
YoonA on new CF again and this time it's Gas station related CF by S-oil in Korea. 
According to the fans, usually this kind of CF only looking for and  endorse by top-TV Korean star only such as Kim Tae Hee, Yoo Jae Suk & Kim Ah Joong. This CF targeted viewers are more toward to  matured/non-teen general public so Kpop idol (YoonA) able to be get endorsed on this CF already considered pretty good achievement and also proves her high popularity among Korean peoples and loved by different age range of viewers. YoonA jjang^^.

GO under for few snapshot of the CF scenes and a short CF shooting video

 video credit to AGOyoong

Source:soompi, sosiz
picture credit to sosiz &

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Daily NEWS [05.26.10] Jessica confesses, “When I talked about marriage, my father had objected and cried”

So Nyeo Shi Dae 'Jessica' reveals her parents’ reaction when she talked about marriage to them.

Jessica will be on KBS Happy Birthday to be aired on 24th May when she revealed, “My parents are not comfortable about the idea of me having a boyfriend. And even if I have interests for someone, I don’t like that person.”

She added, “I brought up the topic of marriage with them on several occasions before. And my father had teared.” Kim Seong then commented, “It seems when the daughter gets married, the father cries, and when the son gets married, the mother will cry.”

Lee KyeongGyu then joked, “When the child don’t get married, the 2 of them will cry.”

HaHa also commented, “My elder sister is still single and don’t intend to get married. My father said he is going to die.” with a little sense of humour.

Article translation credit to sookyeong@kbite

Daily news[05.25.10] SNSD Yuri 'the best baseball opening pitcher " ~~

Popular girls group SNSD 'Yuri' recently crowned No.1 on a survey called "The most suitable female singer to become a baseball opening pitcher".

This survey was carried out at Bucks music portal site and the voting last from 17th to 24th May.
Yuri,Gain(Brown Eyed Girls),Davichi,Park Jiyoung,f(x) Victoria,UEE (After School) and various top popular girls group are all in this voting.
The one who crowned No.1 was SNSD Yuri who had the vote of 1256 (48.53%) followed her was UEE (After School),who had the vote of 495 (19.13%) as compared to Yuri who was No.1,there's a huge difference.

A lot of netizens also commented :"Of course is BK Yuri!" "Yuri underhand throw had left a deep impression for me.Really hope to see one more time."


video credit to shinlianne

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Daily Video [05.25.10] Wondergirls dances "Oh!" and SNSD craze in Taiwan!!!

Have anyone thought about this...
When wondergirls meet Girls generation,what will happen??
"nobody loves oh"???!!! "nobody meets oh"??? hehehe...
Well, "Wondergeneration" had seems to be a hot topic recently because of the Dream Concert.
Pictures of Yoona holding one of the member's hand from Wondergirls had been depicting how close Wondergirls and SNSD are.

And Wondergirls also became the guests for this week Winwin!
And they danced to SNSD Oh!!!
Even Taeyeon cant resist the Oh! virus but danced to it.And she got so enthusiastic about it and at the part "ujimayo~~~~",she stands out the most.At that point of time,it seems like she is the guest for the day,not Wondergirls~!After dancing to it,she feel abit embarrassed about what she had did...HAHAHHA~~!! Cute~~~!!!


WonderGIrls dance "Bo Peep Bo peep" & Mr

Taeyeon "Oh My God ^^ ~ cute"
videos credit to TheShiOH1 ,galio6th ,UnknownCarrot110

And SNSD virus is seriously not a joke~!
Other than Korea,Japan,China,Philippines,Thailand and many more countries are getting their viruses too!
In Taiwan,a competition related to SNSD was held.And not only girls are participating and dancing to it,even guys are doing it too!!!
And hilarious is,some of the guys danced better than the girls!
They are seriously Jjiang!!!
SNSD virus is something that you cant avoid and resist it~~~!!!


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Daily interest [05.25.10]Hyomin messages to Yuri, Sunny & Hyunah for their final IY recording...

After the last day of recording of Invincible Youth together with Sunny,Yuri and Hyunah... Hyomin left a message at her CY for 3 memebrs who are leaving G7,leaving Invincible Youth soon...

"The last recording,...
Squad leader Kwon!Cry baby Hyunah, and sun foldscreen leader,Sunny!!!
All of you have worked hard...
Every weeks recordings...
Besides the time when we recording the show,other than enjoying happily,we also build a deep relationship among us...
As if, to say...the feeling is just like a very best friend is transferring school.
Although is a school nearby...
Obviously that we can still keep in contact,
We can also see each other oftenly... But the feeling is just not right.
Although felt very sad and hard to be apart,
Let's smile!!!Let's keep this wonderful and precious memories!!!
Youth won't admit defeat!!!!Invincible Youth!!! Hwaiting~~Saranghae~~I love you !!! "

How deep the friendship is among G7 members!!!
True friends doesnt come easily....
But from what I had seen,G7 really treat one another as true friends~~~!!!
Really hope that Hyomin can really shine even without Sunny around...
Good luck and All the best for Hyunah,Sunny and Yuri who will be busy and focusing on their upcoming schedules like Asia Tour concert and so on ^^
G7 will always be the G7 with Sunny,Yuri and Hyunah around ^^
Hwaiting G7!!!
Invincible Youth,Jjiang!!!!

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Daily NEWS [05.25.10] Yuri thanks Seung Ri for his great helps in school life

SNSD 'Yuri' conveys her gratitude  to BIGBANG 'SeungRi' who also enrolled under same University with Yuri.

Recently, on SBS' StrongHeart' recording, Yuri said:" This year after I've been accepted into University, i really enjoyed the life at there".
Yuri added:" Due to Seung Ri's bright  and active character, so he able to adapt the new environment quickly and make a lot of friends. Also because of I'm same batch with Seung Ri,  he had helped me a lot in school life matter ". and she also shared other interesting story which happened in her school life

 This episode will be aired on 25th, 11.05pm.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Daily interest [05.23.10] SNSD 'Genie' goes Globalization!!!

I think most of you still remember vividly how good  the "Tell me your wish/ Genie" song is when they first released and made many gone crazy over the Girls again.

Recently, a singer Nathalie Makoma,a
runner-up for Dutch Idol and now signed under Sony Entertainment Netherlands and she had released the song "I just wanna dance".
And surprisingly,the song "I just wanna dance" song is an english version of popular and successful of our Girls  song "Genie"!

Her voice is seriously good and powerful, i love it but SNSD version still rocks ^^.
And dont worry,
this  song was sold legally  so all of those versions are LEGAL. Sony Entertainment bought the song from composer (i think the composer reserved the right to sell the song to different region company) so it is not a plagiarized.

Besides, there's a fanmade video mixed of Nathalie's "I just wanna dance" and SNSD "Genie"~~~!!!
Let hear it now and tell us which one you like better ^^.

remixed version of of Nathalie's "I just wanna dance" and SNSD "Genie" by fans

 Original version "I just wanna dance" by
Nathalie Makoma

 videos credit to NathalieMakomaTVSME &JPMusics

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Daily Interest [05.23.10] SNSD cheer for army oppa ^^

SBS Family Outing 2 came to a military training field, whereby they only have their entertainment show open once since 60 years ago.

When Yoona made mistake on the stage, the 1500 armies who stand in front of the stage shouted Yoona's name and encouraged her,praising her well done,giving her their full support.
After the personal talents performance of each FO2 members, the it's the time where the FO2 members interact with the armies and also their kin families who visited them.

Followed by that,8 members of SNSD performed "Show~Show~Show~",which attracted loud cheers from the armies off staged.When they performed "Oh!",the army oppa followed them and sing along "oh!oh!oh!oh!oppareul saranghae",showing how they favored the girls.

Lastly,the girls performed their virus song "Gee",together with F02 members,everyone were dancing to the song,which received a lot of cheers and claps.
After the performances had ended,FO2 members overnight at the army barracks,and also prepared the breakfast for the armies.

SNSD special performance for the army oppa ^^

 YoonA dance cut


Lastly, Goddess YoonA bare face just too beautiful and it's proves again HeeChul statement ^^.

videos credit to CrazyCarrot310

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Daily Interest [05.23.10] We're FAMILY ~~~~ ^^

Last night,Dream Concert 2010 was held~!
Various pop artists like SNSD,Super Junior,f(x),SHINee,Zea,MBLAQ,Wondergirls,2pm,Kara, T-ara,After school,and also many more artists. Not forgetting the king and the queen of kpop, LeeHyori and Rain!

Although it was raining over there,but it does not really demolished the fans will to support their idols.Almost all of the fans wore raincoats and carry umbrellas.
Overall, the Dream Concert 2010 ended well~!

And at the backstage,the bonding and love of SM family starts~~ ^^
Yesterday after the Dream Concert 2010,there's a picture being uploaded by Leetuek on his twitter.
And the picture is none other than the SM family ^^ which consists of Super Junior,SNSD,SHINee,and f(x)~!!
And Leeteuk wrote :"Dream Concert~! My beloved Super Junior!SNSD!SHINee!f(x)! The happy time we had ah~~~ My family,I love you all!!! We all ~~!!SM FAMILY~!!! ^^ "

And last but not least,congrats to snsdlife~~~1000fans~~~!!! Chukahamida~~~!!! ^^
Your hard work for this blog had paid off~~~!!! ^^
Nic Oppa,hwaitaeng !!! ^^
snsdlife.blogspot Jjiang ^^




Guess of the day~~ Which SNSD member put her hand lean on siwon oppa shoulder ? ^^


Daily Interest [05.23.10] SNSD shines on Dream Concert

The one of the most highly anticipated event by K-pop fans 'Dream concert' was held successfully  yesterday at Seoul Stadium. The Girls had performed 'RunDevilRun' & 'Oh' two songs with hot dances break at the beginning. Below are some fancam & the red carpet snapshot of the girls and they wore angelic white gowns which make them look like real angels descent from heaven~~~~~ hohohoo, love it ^^.

The dream concert broadcast will be aired on 30th Sunday to replace the inkigayo, stay tune for more updates ya ^^.

YoonA dance break fancam

 SNSD hot dance break

Yuri made some mistakes ^^

[Fancam] 100522 SNSD - Intro + RDR + Oh! @ Dream Concert 2010

videos credit to keoconvoi999

image name

image name

image name

image name

image name

image name


Last but not least, here are our great pink ocean  S♡NE. Proud to be one of them.

Pictures credit to bntnews, sosiz