Monday, May 3, 2010

Daily Interest [05.03.10] Heechul , Yoona cute photos~!

The title of this photo is "mithra is samchon fans of Yoona! HeeChul samchon is fans of Sohee!"

Super Junior Kim Hee Chul cute photos had been an entertainment to the netizens~!

During the radio broadcast of "Kim Hee Chul Young Street",the photo album showed a photo with the content of Wondergirls' Sohee is better than SNSD Yoona. On this day,the guests for the day are Yoona,Epik High 'mithra' .They uploaded a photos and mentioned in fact mithra like Yoona,but because of he is shy so he don't dare to take a look at her.Kim Hee Chul also take photo with Sohee who did not appear that day.

Upon looking at these photos,netizens reacted and commented "HeeChul so cute","Yoona how?" "very talented Heechul DJ".

Lastly, Hee Chul will be appeared as regular member  in Family Outing 2 with YoonA. I believe Hee Chul definitely able to bring more joys and keep us entertained with his witty talents. Also glad to see more cute interactions beween YoonA & her 'Hee Chul' oppa ^^.
GO below video for the first spark of Hee chul & YoonA ^______^

video credit to galio5th

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