Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Daily Interest [05.05.10] SNSD rock mini live stage in Story Show Delight~!

During the broadcast of Story Show Delight on 4th May,SNSD showed their transformation from a young girls to mature charming ladies, and also revealed their inner stories .

On 2009 January,upon the released of "Gee",a song that is full with energetic and spread 'viruses' around the world,   SNSD healthy and brightful appearance with 120% fashion dance choreography, which made 2009 had become the year for SNSD.

During the next period,these girls have gradually changed into ladies, not only created a great effect,it also created nominations syndrome by dominating various music awards ceremony.

To this, the members have made commented about it.From how they changed from a pure and innocent young girls to a mature ladies, revealing about their stories off stage, and also showing off their great eloquence ability.

At the same time, they also carry out their preparation for their Asia Tour Concert in full speed, especially in Thailand,China and Taiwan so on, even if there isn't any special promotions about their albums and concert, they still managed to claim top on various music portal charts,being recognized not only by their country but around the world,and the SNSD viruses are spread around the world constantly.

From "Into the new world" to "So Nyuh Shi Dae","Gee" all these hot and popular songs had been lined up in a series for a mini live stage performance, and also the inner stories of SNSD will be revealed. All these will be broadcast on 4th May,KST 12.55am at "Story Show Delight".

videos credit to spodocskpark10

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