Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Daily interest [05.12.10]Super Junior is back ~~~~ ^____^

Year of 2010,starts off with SNSD with their 2nd album "Oh!" and repackaged album "Run Devil Run".
Followed them is their hoobae f(x),with the album "NU ABO".

And now,their subaenim,Super Junior turned to release their 4th album, "Bonamana".
Not 13 but 10 members participated in this album due to some reasons.

The song "Bonamana" is really attractive and have about the same feel as "Sorry Sorry".
All the members had worked really hard for this album and their hard work paid off.

The preordered of their album had already reached around 200,000!!! 

The album separate to two edition (Link: 'Type A & Type B' ) which comes random select photocards  within these two albums. 
This time the group has created their own genre dubbed "SJ Funky" to describe their groovy main track BONAMANA composed by Yoo Young Jin.

GO below for the today hot release of "BONAMANA" Music video,very addictive ^^ another strong Kpop virus and it's going to be stick onto my mind for a while now ^___^ . Can't wait to watch their live performance on coming music show.  It's going to be another big daebak for SUJU. I wonder whether i have the opportunity to see the Girls dance to it which just like they did  for Sorry Sorry song. hohohohoho ~~~~
Bounce to you ~~~~~ Yeah ~~~ BONAMANA

(Video credit to sment)

 Here is the album full track-list

 01. 미 인 아 (BONAMANA)
02. 나쁜 여자 (Boom Boom)
03. 응결 (Coagulation)
04. 나란 사람 (Your Eyes)
05. My Only Girl
06. 사랑이 이렇게 (My All Is In You)
07. Shake It Up!
08. 잠들고 싶어 (In My Dream)
09. 봄날 (One Fine Spring Day)
10. 좋은 사람 (Good Person)
11. Here We Go

Congratulations to SuJu!!!

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