Friday, May 14, 2010

Daily interest [05.15.10] Happy Birthday to Sunny ^^

 Sunny, Sunny,Sunny,Sunny ~~~~ I love you i need you ^______^

Finally,another 22nd years old birthday girl in SNSD!!!
And she's none other than SNSD energy pill,Sunny ssi ^^~ , the energy source of SNSD.
Although not the eldest,but sometimes she act as the eldest sister role and take good care of the other members.

In Invincible Youth,always given people an impression of strong,power and catching chickens expert.
And of course,not forgetting her cute aegyo that will receive punches~! ^^
She's really the mental support for SNSD~!

Sunkyu ssi,
Happy Birthday To You~
Seung-li Chukahamida~
Continue to stay cheerful as always ^^
Be yourself and always be the energy pill of SNSD ^^
Sunny ssi Hwaiting !!!

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