Saturday, May 15, 2010

Daily interest [05.15.10]Hyomin :" Sunny ~ ♥ Happy Birthday~~~You are my sunshine, My only sunshine" ^^

On the 15th May,T-ara Hyomin convey her birthday message wish to SNSD Sunny through the minihompy. She wrote:"Sunkyu ah~~ happy birthday~~Sunny sunny you are my sunshine forever".
for  SNSD Sunny's 22nd birthday (based on Korean age).

Both Hyomin and Sunny get along very well in KBS "Invincible Youth",especially when Hyomin accepted the nickname "Sunny's fold screen ",which she always follow Sunny wherever she goes, showed how solid their friendship is.

Upon seeing this birthday message,netizens commented "Is so nice seeing how the girls group had been get along well"," Sunny will be leaving Invincible Youth soon, so Hyomin felt very sad about it right","Happy Birthday to Sunny",and so on...

Yes, both Sunny and Yuri together with Hyuna will leave Invincible Youth for their upcoming oversea schedules.
And also in June,the PD of Invincible Youth will also reveal the new members who is going to join the other members of G7.
Both Sunny and Yuri had Asia Tour Concert to focus on while Hyuna will also be busy with their new album and so on...
So let's wish them all the best in future ahead!
G7 Hwaiting~!

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