Monday, May 17, 2010

Daily Interest [05.17.10] SNSD slowly stop making appearance on variety show and concentrate on singing?

Start from Taeyeon "Chinhan Chingu","Invincible Youth" Yuri and Sunny,and "Happy Birthday" Jessica all are going to stop to make appearance on variety shows and had attracted a lot of attentions from netizens and fans.

First one to notify stop activity from variety show is SNSD Taeyeon. Taeyeon had left Chinchin MBC FM4U on the April after being the DJ for 2years. On 19th April was the last broadcast of chinchin with the support from the other SNSD members, and at the end because of her reluctant to leave, she shed tears.The reason for Taeyeon to leave Chinchin is because of the upcoming 'Asia Tour Concert' and Musical "Midnight Sun" schedule, so it's too difficult for her.

Being actively participating in "Invincible Youth", both Yuri and Sunny recently had been noticed about their last recording for the show. Sunny and Yuri are regular members since last year October and together with 4minute Hyuna, 3 of them are going to retire from being members of G7. The reason is all because of overseas performance and other activities.

The last one is Jessica. Jessica had become  an active member of "Happy Birthday" recently but it's only will last for about 4 weeks. As expected,Jessica also has the same reason with the other SNSD members and had announced of withdrawal from "Happy Birthday". The broadcast of Jessica in "Happy Birthday" will last till June.

SNSD Taeyeon,Yuri,Sunny and Jessica are going to stop making appearance from variety shows. Apart from this, whether another active member of 'SBS Family Outing 2' Yoona will also stop  from her duties had become a hot topic and attention among netizens and fans.The recording of FO2 is once every 2 week and last for 2day 1night everytime. However, due to SNSD is having their Asia Tour Concert,  so fans are worried that whether Yoona can overcome it or not...

To this, a representative of SM entertainment had told the reporter through phone conversation and saying that whether Yoona will withdraw from her duty or not is not decided yet.

Source:NATE & Star Today
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side note~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Although we will be missing seeing them on variety shows since all of them are going to cease their variety show activities for their overseas schedules and Asia Tour Concert. 

With that, they only can have more time to focus their Asia Tour Concert and present their very best performance for SONE during the concert ^^
So it's not actually a bad decision though...
Hope that all the girls can take good care of themselves.
So Nyuh Shi Dae Hwaiting ^^
Jiguem mu So Nyuh Shi Dae!!!