Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Daily Interest [05.18.10]Hee Chul: " YoonA is the most beautiful female artist i ever seen"

Super Junior HeeChul praised:"SNSD Yoona is the most beautiful girl".

On the 18th,HeeChul uploaded a photo which he took together with Yoona on his twitter account, he then commented:"The proportions of Yoona's character and beauty is very perfect, she look even prettier when she did not have any make-up on".This had aroused the curiosity among netizens.

Hee Chul continued: "although when they first met and already come up with  ahjumma and ahjussi types of conversation but Yoona is the most beautiful female artist he had ever seen", showing how good their friendship is.
The similar posed and expression in the photo showed amiable atmosphere between them.

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