Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Daily Interest [05.19.10] SNSD & 2PM 'The Cabi song' ^^

Wow..Finally it's out the 'Cabi song'. Since the CF teaser had released, I've captivated with the Girls sexy gorgeous look on the CF video. 
Besides, the CF song also has garnered much attentions between the fans & netizens due to it's catchy lyrics. After listened to full version of the song which just released today, i finds it was quite addictive actually and the catchy lyrics just make it this song  more addictive than ever. Love it ~~~~ ^^ hohohohoho
When the beasts (2PM) meet beauty (SNSD) = Daebak ^______^
Let  Cabi..Cabi...the hottest..hottest ~~~~~~~  

Next here are a few beautiful fanmade artworks really jjang.. Love it. 

And our lovely sunshine 'Sunkyu~~~~~' fanmade illustration . Really well done and appreciate the fan's great efforts who able to illustrate so well of our Sunshine ^^. Jjang ~~~~~~~~~~  ^^

 SNSD summer SPAO collection promotion group pictures ^^ .