Sunday, May 23, 2010

Daily interest [05.23.10] SNSD 'Genie' goes Globalization!!!

I think most of you still remember vividly how good  the "Tell me your wish/ Genie" song is when they first released and made many gone crazy over the Girls again.

Recently, a singer Nathalie Makoma,a
runner-up for Dutch Idol and now signed under Sony Entertainment Netherlands and she had released the song "I just wanna dance".
And surprisingly,the song "I just wanna dance" song is an english version of popular and successful of our Girls  song "Genie"!

Her voice is seriously good and powerful, i love it but SNSD version still rocks ^^.
And dont worry,
this  song was sold legally  so all of those versions are LEGAL. Sony Entertainment bought the song from composer (i think the composer reserved the right to sell the song to different region company) so it is not a plagiarized.

Besides, there's a fanmade video mixed of Nathalie's "I just wanna dance" and SNSD "Genie"~~~!!!
Let hear it now and tell us which one you like better ^^.

remixed version of of Nathalie's "I just wanna dance" and SNSD "Genie" by fans

 Original version "I just wanna dance" by
Nathalie Makoma

 videos credit to NathalieMakomaTVSME &JPMusics

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