Thursday, May 27, 2010

Daily Interest [05.27.10] SNSD crew member views on SNSD

I had got to known these kids for several years,they had gone through so much and walked so far till now,they had reached the peak.And behind all this success is full with all their hard work and what they had did since back which everyone able to observe it easily.

The leader,the one that who had always working very hard for this group-Taeyeon.On the stage,this girl had always showed  explosive power, but  privately she is the one with mature,steady,quiet personality,and due to this that's the reason why she's being chosen as the leader.During their first debut staged,once she asked me "can we do it?" ,because she's the leader,so she always need to say "Annyeong Hasaeyo, We  are So Nyuh Shi Dae ".

And "Annyeong Hasaeyo,We are So Nyuh Shi Dae " "Please give us SNSD  more support" "I'm SNSD Taeyeon" are the phrases that this child had to say it everyday.

Jessica,the one that always give others a feeling of proud,arrogant,not easy to get along with, so her first impression for others is not really that positive.When they first debuted,she will always stand behind Taeyeon and speaks softly :"I'm Jessica".On stage,always smiled broadly,arrogantly and do well her part,so when members watched their performances through Tv, they will say "that's Jessica".She don't really like to greet people, I did asked her why,she said :"Greet,why, we are very close isn't it" then I will think about it,ahhh~that's Jessica ^^.

Sunny is a girl who likes to do aegyo,always boldly showing her true self in front of other members, because of her own personality, she's very adorable.And also due to sometimes she will be very quiet,so she got a nickname called "double side Sunkyu".

Miyoung (TIffany), the one that I'm very close to among the members.When they just debuted,she and taeyeon seems to be the diplomat of SNSD, the steadiness of Taeyeon and the adorable of Miyoung, let others easy to remember and recognize "SNSD". Maybe because of her charma, when people see her they will tend to smile without notice about  it. And sometimes,when she show her temper or anger,she will sit at one corner by herself, she is really  cute." Are you ok, Hey~" this is how Miyoung get to greet people.

Hyoyeon has an innocent personality,but sometimes she's very mature and to act as if she's the oldest, and sometime always use that tone which a sunbae(senior) will use like "Can I do this?" "You can't do it like this" "You can do this one"...But sometimes she will use aegyo "hmmm...ok".

Yuri is more on shy personality,always stand behind pf other members during they first debuted, but this year Yuri had changed a lot,she become more lively  and can often heard the laughter "Haha",and because of  her laughter is so unique,people are able to remember it just by listen to it once.

Sooyoung is the type with bright character, and also she got a slim & tall body figure always get envied by other members. She is good at making jokes which wherever Sooyoung is there, the place will always full of "haha" smiling voices.

YoonA, she is really pretty and loved by everyone. Yoona has good manner which she always do her greeting: "Hi, I'm So Nyeo Shi Dae 's YoonA, please support So Nyeo Shi Dae",  And she always do it with proper bowing. YoonA also is a child with bright character and she always making jokes for the members but somehow it's really not that funny so she got "cold YoonA" nickname with her.

Seohyun, she is most proper  artist which I've ever seen, she always said:" 'YES' 'OK' , sometime she will bring out some herb from her bags and made me curious with it, then Seohyun replied: " If wish to live longer life, of course need to take care of your health" , "Cannot eat these, if you eat these you're going to die soon". She is such an interesting kid..hehhehe ^^.


>> Here are  few HD pictures of SPAO releases new World Cup photos featuring So Nyeo Shi Dae
     The girls look really Jjang especially Sunny ^^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (click to enlarge full picture)

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Picture credit to SPAO Korea
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