Saturday, May 29, 2010

Daily Interest [05.29.10] Yonghyun couple blood donation scenario ^^

 As earlier posted about 'YongHyun' couple went for blood donation during a special event called "22Day".

At this day, in beginning they have dated on a coffee shop to talked about what happened few days ago. At this time, Seohyun said:" We have met each other around 22 days passed". then she added:" Because it was 22 days already, i would like to do something meaningful". She then silenced for while and come up an idea said:" let do about something simple ^^, how about blood donation".

Then Yonghwa responded:" Although never thought about donating blood before, but it would be nice to do something meaningful with special one (Seohyun ^^) , let do it". Then they off to blood donation place. Besides, this was first time 'Yonghyun' couple revealed their ID card in TV when they being asked for ID card by the blood donation staff.

Also because of  there's in need for A type blood,Seohyun said "Blood should be share".Both Seohyun and Yonghwa are A type blood.
 But unfortunately,after a checkup it was found out that Yonghwa cannot donate his blood due to he just returned from Japan lately, the country that had a lot of H1N1 cases. And taking acne medication was also one of the reason.Seohyun then uttered "Heeeee~~~~~~",and felt a bit disappointed about it.

Seohyun showed an aegyo which is slightly different as usual.When Yonghwa called her "Hyun~~", Seohyun replied "Why you always said Hyun~~".Upon seeing this scene, SNSD Sooyoung said "This is Seohyun ageyo",which surprised the people around. But this time,she really showed a very cute ageyo.

In addition,Seohyun is very healthy which the examine showed that her blood is rich in iron. The nurse who checked on the blood also said "Do you eat food that are rich in iron usually?".Seohyun then said "Healthy blood will soon be share",and  really into blood donating which let Yonghwa felt ashamed about himself.

Seohyun cute aegyo "Heeeeee~~~~~" ^^

 Yonghyun couple avatar moment ~~~~ ^^

video credit to sosiz, galio6th
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