Sunday, May 9, 2010

Daily NEWS [05.09.10] SNSD 'Taeyeon fans' charity hearts~!

Currently the female lead of the musical "Midnight Sun" which featured SNSD Taeyeon not only sold off all her musical tickets  but also received rice garland gifts from the  fans.

Sending rice garlands as congrats gift during musical was started since last year. When the fans are giving out their support to the actor or actress during musical, while they also will use the name of actor or actress to donate rice for charity purpose which made it become more meaningful , thus whenever there's any performance, would be able to see  accumulation of  rice along with the garlands .

Till 9th May, Taeyeon had already received 329kg of rice. On the 7th May, "DC Taeyeon gallery" has donated around 309kg of rice garland, which represent Taeyeon's birthday at Seoul Sejong Cultural Center M ,where "Midnight Sun" performance was staged .Followed that, Taeyeon's fansclub "Tangparadise" sent another 20kg of rice garland that are filled with fresh flowers.

The garlands with rice donations was donated according actors and some fans  wishes so that it will be use to help the needy.

In musical "Midnight Sun",Taeyeon played the role of a girl 'Kaoru Amane',who had suffered from XP(a skin disease) and cannot be active during the day due to the Sun (ultra violet) exposure."Midnight Sun" will be staged till the 27th.

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