Thursday, May 20, 2010

Daily NEWS [05.20.10]Yuri,Sunny and Hyunah bid farewell to Invincible Youth...

SNSD Yuri and Sunny together with 4minute Hyuna bid farewell to Invincible Youth in the warm tears...
Yuri,Sunny and Hyuna participated the last recording of Invincible Youth on the 19th till the next day 1am.
Since last year October,the first broadcast of Invincible Youth,together with Brown Eyed Girls Narsha,Kara Hara, T-ara Hyomin,Secret Seonhwa and others became the regular members of the show, and now after 7 month, its finally coming to an end,the last day of recording for Yuri,Sunny and Hyuna.

At this day,the theme is "Farewell".

Representative of "Invincible Youth" told the reporters,"because they had already forged a solid friendship,when bidding farewell with the other members,Yuri shed tears.Although Sunny seems to be more relax,but still is hard for her to hold back the sad feelings".

They then continued, "Invincible Youth maknae Hyuna also felt sad about it,but instead of shedding tears, she trying to be on the side of bidding farewell warmly". "The whole run down  are full of warmness during recording , and also due to the G7 members are all in Girls group, so they still will be able to meet each other during recording for music shows, and continued this  long lasting friendships".

In addition,the new members that who will be joining Invincible Youth soon will be revealed during June.

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