Friday, May 21, 2010

Daily NEWS [05.21.10] Taecyeon surprise gift to YoonA ^^

 It had been reported that, 2PM 'Taecyeon' had gave Yoona perfume as a gift for her 'Adult day' or so called 'Coming of age day'.

During the recording of Family Outing 2 on the 17th,Taecyeon gave Yoona a surprise gift ^^
On the this day, the recording of 'FO2' together with Wondergirls, coincidentally that day is Adult day. Taecyeon did not forget that this year Yoona had officially become an adult, so he prepared a surprise gift for her. During the recording of "recalled memories meeting" session ,Taecyeon gave a bottle of perfume to Yoona,and Yoona felt really surprised for this sudden gift.

Then Yoona said:"Although I had received a lot of congratulation message from others during 'Adult day', but this is my first time receiving present of it which I had never thought about it, I'm so touched",and smiling happily. 

The others family members then said:"The atmosphere between both of them are a bit weird, are they really dating?" Yoona replied:" I'm tired of explaining it again now",showing the side of her growing up as an adult , and becoming more mature.

This episode will be revealed on 30th May.

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