Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Daily NEWS [05.25.10] Yuri thanks Seung Ri for his great helps in school life

SNSD 'Yuri' conveys her gratitude  to BIGBANG 'SeungRi' who also enrolled under same University with Yuri.

Recently, on SBS' StrongHeart' recording, Yuri said:" This year after I've been accepted into University, i really enjoyed the life at there".
Yuri added:" Due to Seung Ri's bright  and active character, so he able to adapt the new environment quickly and make a lot of friends. Also because of I'm same batch with Seung Ri,  he had helped me a lot in school life matter ". and she also shared other interesting story which happened in her school life

 This episode will be aired on 25th, 11.05pm.