Monday, May 31, 2010

Daily NEWS [05.31.10]Taecyeon confessed that he like Yoona!!!

During the broadcast of SBS 'Family Outing 2' on the 30th May,Wondergirls 'Sunye' revealed that, when Taecyeon first time saw SNSD, he was so excited and this eventually became the hot topic.
Wondergirls was the guests for that day FO2 recording. And both Taecyeon (2pm) and Wondergirls are under the same entertainment company 'JYP'.

During this day of recording,when Taecyeon was being asked "Who he like among SNSD members?", then Sunye teasing  Taecyeon "I know who you want to say,so just be honest".Even Ye eun also mentioned "We often heard Taecyeon talked about SNSD",which made Taecyeon very nervous with that.

Taecyeon and SNSD previously met on a show whereby 2pm were the regular guests,and when they are discussing about this,Sunye described how Taecyeon reacted at that time "After they met,Taecyeon was so happy and excited".While Yoona on the other hand said "We dont know about it".
And it ended up under the pressurize of other family members,Taecyeon carefully revealed the truth. Taecyeon,being the one who will always changes his ideal types when talked about it, honestly said "That time my ideal type was Yuri".

But at this point of time,Sunye stepped out and said "you said is Yuri,but that time actually is Yoona".And finally Taecyeon confessed "Actually I like Yoona" disclosed what's the feeling he had for Yoona now which caused the family members to end up cheering and screaming in joy.

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