Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Daily Video [05.25.10] Wondergirls dances "Oh!" and SNSD craze in Taiwan!!!

Have anyone thought about this...
When wondergirls meet Girls generation,what will happen??
"nobody loves oh"???!!! "nobody meets oh"??? hehehe...
Well, "Wondergeneration" had seems to be a hot topic recently because of the Dream Concert.
Pictures of Yoona holding one of the member's hand from Wondergirls had been depicting how close Wondergirls and SNSD are.

And Wondergirls also became the guests for this week Winwin!
And they danced to SNSD Oh!!!
Even Taeyeon cant resist the Oh! virus but danced to it.And she got so enthusiastic about it and at the part "ujimayo~~~~",she stands out the most.At that point of time,it seems like she is the guest for the day,not Wondergirls~!After dancing to it,she feel abit embarrassed about what she had did...HAHAHHA~~!! Cute~~~!!!


WonderGIrls dance "Bo Peep Bo peep" & Mr

Taeyeon "Oh My God ^^ ~ cute"
videos credit to TheShiOH1 ,galio6th ,UnknownCarrot110

And SNSD virus is seriously not a joke~!
Other than Korea,Japan,China,Philippines,Thailand and many more countries are getting their viruses too!
In Taiwan,a competition related to SNSD was held.And not only girls are participating and dancing to it,even guys are doing it too!!!
And hilarious is,some of the guys danced better than the girls!
They are seriously Jjiang!!!
SNSD virus is something that you cant avoid and resist it~~~!!!


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