Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Daily NEWS [06.30.10] Taeyeon chosen as " the most anticipated variety show idol" !

Netizens had chosen SNSD Taeyeon as the most talented idol among the other idols.
Community Photo Site revealed the results of a survey on "Among variety emcees,whose the most talented idol?",which was taken between 22nd to 29th June,and the results showed that netizens had chosen Taeyeon as the one.

In the total of 29,151 votes,Taeyeon received 8,319 votes (28.5%).When she's DJ-ing Chinchin, her humorous and gentle nature had captured a lot of fans' interest. At the same time, Chinchin audience rating ranking had claimed the top ranking,and currently Taeyeon also appeared in Winwin as sub-emcee together with Wooyoung.
While Boys group Super Junior LeeTeuk received 7,103 votes (24.4%) and claimed the 2nd place.Through radio program and variety shows,LeeTeuk already had the foundation,with a sense of humility,literary talent and calm expression,he had received a lot of love from fans.Recently, he's the host for SBS Strong heart "TeukAcademy".
Followed by that is boys group SHINee Minho who received 3,879 votes (13.3%).He is born to be an athletic,starred in "Dream Team" and "Star King",he had the sense of variety which might be able to embarrassed Kang Ho Dong from time to time.
Coincidentally,the top 3 idols Taeyeon,LeeTeuk and Minho are all from SM Entertainment.In addition,2PM Wooyoung and Kara 'Goo Hara' are also in the finalist.

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Daily NEWS [06.30.10] Invincible Youth staff confirmed ' Sunny participation of 'IY' special episode filimg in Japan '

Yesterday,the post mentioned about Sunny was absent from stage and the rumor said it was due to her secret trip to Japan for 'Invincible Youth' special episode filming was further verified and confirmed  by 'IY' staff'.
Today, the 'IY' staff member confirmed:"  Sunny was heading to Japan together with other 'IY' members  for 'IY' special episode filming. Also Sunny will be making appearance on the latest 'IY' episode together with new G7 . In the other hand, Yuri cannot make it due to her schedule problem.
Hyomin said she was really happy that getting to know about Sunny will be making appearance on latest episode of 'IY' and able to meet her lovely Sunny again soon.
I'm really looking forward to see  Sunny and her lovely fold-screen (Hyomin) showing their gag again in the show. 

(Added photo showing our love Sunny with Hyomin on the way to Hokkaido Japan^^)
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Daily Video [06.29.10] SNSD joined Korea world cup team celebration

 Today (29th June), KBS has planned and organized a celebration stage in Seoul to celebrate and welcome the return of Korea world cup team members for their great efforts on the field.
In this event, they're many Kpop stars to perform on stage such as So Nyeo Shi Dae, T-ara, 4 minutes and etc.

Besides, Seohyun & Sunny are not with the girls to perform on stage today so many fans were curious about their absence. According to rumors, they mentioned Sunny might be on her way to Japan for a special episode of 'Invincible Youth' filming as some below photo showing the G7 girls appearance on airport.  Does the mysterious girl right behind of Hyomin looks familiar to some of you ? ^^

  I can't wait to watch this special episode, hehehehe ~~~ ^^

OK~~ Let roll to watch the girls performances on today 


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Monday, June 28, 2010

Daily NEWS [06.29.10] SBS Family Outing 2 to come to an end after 5 months without any last filming session?

‘Family Outing 2′ comes to an end without a special last filming?

SBS recently announced 2 of its upcoming new variety programs after the South Korean World Cup match on 26th June. They are namely ‘Running Man’ headed by MC Yoo JaeSeok for his MC comeback and ‘Heroes’ which will star Seo InYoung and Park GaHee etc.

‘Running Man’ is set for first airing on 11th July and ‘Heroes’ on 18th July. This leaves with the fact that Family Outing will come to an end officially. It is set that the last episode of FO2 will be on 11th July.

An official revealed, “Nothing has been confirmed as yet. Our last filming was on 14th and 15th June in YangPyung, and there has not been any new filmings. But because of the World Cup season, we have not done any filming for ‘last journey’ special for the show either.”

Meanwhile, FO2 has garnered much interests for its casts of idols and stars like Kim WonHee, Ji SangRyul, Yoon SangHyun, Shin BongSeon, Jo Kwon, TaecYeon, YoonA and Kim HeeChul, but the ratings of the show had dropped to one-digit and had to be taken out from SBS Good Sunday.

Source: Newsen
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Daily news[06.28.10] SNSD endorsed Domino pizza CF ^^

Domino pizza had chosen the refreshing and  lively popular girls group SNSD as their 1st season CF models.
Domino pizza recently had a survey with their customers on which CF models left deep impression to them,and results showed that SNSD got the most vote from the customers regardless of age range.Customers think that SNSD not only have capability and lively image,moreover they have neighborhood like charms, so Domino pizza decided to choose SNSD as their CF models.

Domino pizza marketing leader said,"Our company is a refreshing and young brand, healthy and fresh image of SNSD just perfectly fit with our company brand image, so we had decided to choose them as our CF models. Whether is male,female,old or young,all of them have good impression on SNSD,so we hope that Domino pizza can make use of this advertisement to gain more popularity".
SNSD will based on "dilgently cooking" as the main theme of the advertisement,and the CF is planned to be broadcast on TV during July.

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Daily Interest [06.28.10] Seohyun celebrate her birthday together with the fans

Today, SNSD maknae 'Seohyun' has come to celebrate her 20th birthday. At this special day, Seohyun has spent this precious moment together with the fans on a small party .
Before this, Seohyun fans' have published an advertisement of 'Seohyun 20th birthday' on local magazine which has garnered much attention amongst netizens.
Also the fans have written some messages:" who has conquered our heart with your beautiful smile, and  used that smiles brighten up our days; Yes, because of you Seohyun, and we're able to live happily", and etc.
The SM entertainment staff rep said:" Seohyun will be joined with her unnie this afternoon, then together with the fans to celebrate the Seohyun birthday party", "also Seohyun has expressed great gratitude to all the gifts given by the fans". 

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

SPECIAL [06.28.10] Happy Birthday to Seobaby ^^

                                      Seobaby , Happy birthday to you~~~~ 

I'm still remember during debut time you always holding your unnie hands like a baby and watching you keep growing and working for so hard over these years to become best singer as well as being proud as So Nyeo Shi Dae really is a fascinating thing for me. You are always been a girl with tender heart, beauty and intelligence.
Also you always have clear direction and able to decide what is really best for you and that really inspired a lot to me in many different way of doing things. 
Lastly , once again wishing you 'Happy 20th Birthday Seohyun"

 Fanstaengoo birthday message to you, Seohyun ^^

video credit to victoriaxviii ,royalblack

Daily Interest [06.27.10] Yuri sexy wave in SBS Star King ^^

 SNSD 'Yoona' and Jessica successfully managed to deceive Yuri.
During the broadcast of SBS Star King on the 26th June,with the "Global Star King " as the special episode,there's 4 guys that make everyone felt warmth and melted.
This day,SNSD Yoona,Jessica and Yuri,together with the French emcee Adrian of Global Starking attended the recording of the show.When Adrian used French to introduce SNSD 'Yuri,Yoona and Jessica' and they performed their song "Oh!".
Among these 3 girls,Yuri performed actively and lively,including doing her sexy wave to this, both Yoona and Jessica immediately staged an escape scene.
Yoona and Jessica shouted "Deceive Yuri,success",and added "no matter how we called for Yuri,she just don't come over here",which eventually led Yuri get nervous.Yuri then admitted "I can't resist the power of passion whenever I'm on stage",which made the crowd burst out of laughing.

 YoonA lovely catwalk, and she is dorky as always....^^ Love it ~`


Video credit to SnsdChiu & aslotuss18
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Daily Interest [06.27.10] YoonA "42 sec SNSD song singing part"

On today SBS 'Family outing" broadcast, Super Junior 'Heechul', SNSD 'YoonA' and KARA' Nicole' had a competition of calculating how long of individual singing part in their own group songs.

In the end, each of them actual singing part was less than a minute, especially the first one (Heechul) who has participated this competition with high confidence was humiliated with only 39 sec of his own singing part which also happened to be the shortest. Second contestant is YoonA, she had performed 'ITNW, Girls' Generation, Kissing You, Gee, 'Oh!' & RDR' which total up only last for 42sec. Especially, YoonA only sing 'man ha go si puh ( want to say)' in Oh song lead to every one surprise with her short lyrics portion. Finally, KARA 'Nicole' obtained #1 place with her 45sec of individual singing part. 

Besides, the "FO2" members have prepared  a surprise birthday party for our lovely YoonA and each of them also has prepared small present to celebrate YoonA birthday. However, the one who has garnered most interest amongst of them is Taecyeon's birthday present for YoonA which is a necklace with 'Y' letter on it. Both of them keep the atmosphere even higher due to their scandal loveline.

YoonA cut part 1

YoonA cut part 2 (the singing part start around 2:10)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Daily Interest [06.26.10]Taeyeon & Nichkhun had chosen as " No.1 Idol you want to watch World cup games with"

Movie portal Max Movies from 24th to 26th held a voting about "Which male and female idol you really wanted to watch World Cup with?".

For the most wanted male idol,there's a total of 3127 netizens participated the voting,and the results showed that 2PM 'Nickhun' crowned the 1st place with a total vote of 1399 (44.7%).
ss501 'Kim Hyun Joong' with a total vote of 680 (21.7%) crowned the 2nd place,3rd place was CN Blue 'Jung Yong Hwa' with a total vote of 378 (12.1%),4th place was Big Bang 'G-dragon' with a total vote of 191(6.1%),follwed by the 5th place was SHINee 'Taemin' with a total vote of 142(4.5%).

For the most wanted female idol,there's a total of 3669 netizens participated the voting,and the results showed that SNSD 'Taeyeon' received a total of 1466 votes (40%%) crowned the 1st place.Followed by Taeyeon,2nd place was 2NE1 'Sandara Park' who received a total of 862 votes (23.5%),3rd to 6th place are Kara 'Han Seungyeon'(436 votes,11.9%),After School 'UEE'(366votes,10%),Wondergirls 'Sohee' ( 272votes,7.4%), and 4minute 'Hyunah' (267votes,7.3%).


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Daily NEWS [06.26.10]Nickhun:" I'm must say sorry to Taecyeon hyung but still i have to say Yoona is my ideal type" ^^

2PM Nickhun revealed her ideal type before meeting his "wife" on 'We Got Married'.
Nickhun who is born in Thailand,during the broadcast of 'We Got Married' on 26th June,he boarded a bus in order to meet his "wife".
Nickhun at first was shocked as he thought that his "wife" is Kim Na Young,Nickhun  disappointed at first the he asked Kim Na Young: "Noona,didnt you already married once?".After that,Nickhun immediately knew and felt relieved that Kim Na Young wasn't his "wife".Kim Na Young asked Nickhun whether he had any ideal wife among SNSD members?Nickhun honestly said "Although I felt sorry to Taecyeon Hyung,but I have to say Yoona is my ideal type".Nickhun then expressed "If is T-ara,I hope is Eun Jung, if is f(x), I hope is Victoria".
Kim Na Young then told Nickhun:" Actually the 'wife' was already chosen",Nickhun then said actually he had surfed through the net,and knew his 'wife' is none other than f(x) Victoria.The impression of Victoria to Nickhun is: " Every member of f(x) will greet us whenever they saw us,and Victoria because of her flexible body so whenever she bow and greet is always more than 90degree" and also expressed that he had good impression about her.
On the other hand,Victoria and Nickhun couple is the first foreign couple that 'We Got Married' had,so it eventually attracted a lot of attention from viewers and netizens.

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Daily Interest[06.26.10]Tiffany revealed:" Seohyun singing 'Loner' during her shower"

Yongseo couple who just moved into their newly-wed house,Yonghwa's sister-in-laws Hyoyeon,Tiffany,Taeyeon came and visited.Tiffany shocking revealed "When Seohyun is showering, she will sing CN Blue 'Loner' ".
During the broadcast of MBC We Got Married on 26th June,the arrival of sister-in-laws make Yonghwa very nervous.
Tiffany then said "When Seohyun is showering,she will sing 'Loner' ", immediately Seohyun showed her nervousness,but still followed and sang a little bit.
Yonghwa then said "I also listened to SNSD 'Run Devil Run' when I'm showering".To this,during the interview,Seohyun could not comment anything about it,while Yonghwa said that he's proud of himself.
Hyoyeon continued "Seohyun used to praise Yonghwa oftenly,just like rapping,said that there's no burden and take good care of her,showing off that you are an oppa-like husband".

Part 1


Part2 (In this part it's really fun to watch the three sisters reaction to Yonghwa "Loner" song, they really cute & their expression really priceless..hohohoho^^)

Video credit to vul3a04SNSDMarrie
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Daily News [06.25.10] Doubts of plastic surgery surfaced with Tiffany’s MC comeback on Music Core

So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany gets hit by doubts of plastic surgery after she made her MC return on MBC Music Core.
Tiffany has been receiving in-house treatment and resting all this while after her throat conditions worsened from the previous vocal cord nodules. And on 26th June, she made her MC comeback on MBC Music Core after 3 weeks.
While many fans rejoiced to see Tiffany looking healthy and fine with her comeback, there were netizens who brought up doubts of plastic surgeries. Netizens posted up on the online bulletin board on the official homepage of Music Core, “Her face looks different after the few weeks rest”, “Maybe she underwent plastic surgery before the girls begin their overseas promotions, but she looks prettier than before” etc.

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Source: SeoulNTN
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Daily Interest [06.24.10] Few SNSD short news ^^

Nowadays since the girls are not having group activities as they are on vacations,busy with individuals schedules and of course preparation to debut in Japan ^^
So not really much news are going on~
Here's a few news of them ^^

<< "SNSD Jessica,with 'Tory Burch' from head to toes,banjang banjang(shining)" On the 23rd June,Tory Burch,a brand from New York, officially open a store in Seoul Kangnam. On that day itself,SNSD 'Jessica',2pm 'Nickhun',2am 'Seulong',f(x) 'Suili',Han Gain,Jo In Sung and various artists appeared during the opening ceremony,and sent their congrats to it. <>
GO under cut for more photos ^^

image name

image name

image name

image name

image name

image name

                                     Lovely sisters~~~~ Both of them look absolutely gorgeous^^


Next, SNSD showed their daebak popularity across ASIA even in Japan^^.
On the 23rd,the pre-order for SNSD Japan DVD starts.Through Japan TowerRecord,HMV and various music shops that have the pre-order for the DVD,as soon as the pre-order starts,it ended,showing how popular SNSD is.
Especially in TowerRecord,pre-order for the DVD is in the 5th position compared to the others.
On the 11th August,it's the officially date for the DVD to be release,that includes popular songs like Gee,Genie MV and also the behind scenes.Buyers are able to attend SNSD 10,000 people showcase that will be held on 25th August,and because of the showcase,it eventually attracted more buyers.

Next, still remember not long ago the post about Seohyun sings OST of Korean drama "Kim Sooro", today the song has released in full. Seobaby voice really made me surprised, although we knew she is a good singer but after listened to this song which i noticed that she able to sing and conveys great emotion control throughout the whole song just like her unnie Taeyeon did. I'm really happy Seobaby has grown  this far in such short time, and bright future waiting for her. Seohyun jjang~~~~~~~ ^^.

Let listen to it now~~~~~

video credit to azianoj002

Finally, today Super Junior 'HeeChul' has uploaded a photo on his Twitter which taken together with Sunny. They can form a 'Best gag idol' group and I'll sure it going to be daebak ~~~ ^^.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Daily video [06.23.10] Yonghwa, Taecyeon & Siwon dancing Kpop Girls' group song^^

On 22th June broadcast of "WinWin", Jung Yonghwa, Taecyeon and Siwon were the guests on that days. One of the most interesting part was  each of them dancing Kpop girls group songs like Oh, Gee and f(x) 'NU ABO'. 
Besides, Yonghwa was asked by the MC:" we knew that you were a big fan of SNSD 'Taeyeon' but now which member you like the most amongst SNSD member ?" Then Yonghwa reply:" last time i really liked Taeyeon sunbaenim, but now i really loved being able always to see Seohyun". such a witty answer ^^ (Seohyun must be really happy if she hear about it ^^). 
GO below for to watch it now~~

(the dancing part start around 6:23)
 video credit to 4jibSuShow

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Daily Interest [06.22.10]  SNSD Japan debut DVD detail!

Korean girls group Girls Generation will be releasing DVD [SNSD Arrive-Japan Commemorate-A new beginning of Girls' Generation] on 11th August 2010.
This DVD contain their Korea debut song "Into the new world";1st full album songs "So Nyuh Shi Dae" and "Kissing You";also Year 2009,the virus song that spread around the world, "Gee";the one that shows their perfect bodyline and legs "Genie";2nd album and also the repackaged album "Oh!" and "Run Devil Run",so there's a total of 7 PV together in the DVD.In addition, it also included the special episodes of how the girls become popular in Korea, .

There's 2 version of DVD, one is normal edition [
¥ 3,990 (tax in)] while the other is limited edition [¥ 7,400 (tax in)].Inside the limited edition, 2 person can participate for SNSD Japan showcase on the 25th August with an entrance ticket comes with limited edition, also towel and lightstick specially made for this SNSD Japan showcase.

[SNSD Arrive-Japan Commemorate-A new beginning of Girls' Generation]:
"Into the new world" PV
"So Nyuh Shi Dae" PV
"Kissing You" PV
"Gee" PV
"Genie" PV
"Oh!" PV
"Run Devil Run" PV

Looking forward to the girls debut in Japan!
All the best! So Nyuh Shi Dae Hwaiting~~
So Nyuh Shi Dae DAEBAK!!! ^^

Source:sosiz & HMV japan
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Daily Interest [06.21.10] SNSD Seohyun, sing the OST of "kim sooro"

MBC weekend special drama "Kim Sooro" will be using the song "It's ok even if it's hurt",which was sang by SNSD Seohyun, as the OST to bring a brand new fresh atmosphere.

During the broadcast of the 6th episode of "Kim Sooro" on the 19th,the drama production team revealed the OST,"It's ok even if is hurt" which was sang by Seohyun for the first time.The song depicts the feeling of even if it'll gets hurt because of love, but it won't give up that love, and this song was eventually used as the love theme song for the drama "Kim Sooro".

Upon listening the OST, netizens commented: "Who sang this OST? the voice is so nice and fresh", "this is the first time that the lyrics came out together with the song!the song is really nice","when will the others OST reveal?" and so on,showing their concern and expectation towards the drama,"Kim Sooro".
The director of the show said: "Using the song 'It's ok even if is hurt' as the OST of the show, highlights the expressive voice and affluence feelings that Seohyun had.During the 2 days of recording the OST, in order to reach her own expectation, Seohyun kept pleading for another try to sing the song, showing her passion and satisfication towards it".
A person that is related to the drama said "The love theme song for "Kim Sooro" will be using "It's ok even if is hurt" sang by most popular girls group member,SNSD Seohyun.It's a purely perceptual song.With Seohyun gentle yet powerful vocal, it expressed what the lead role are going through,a sad love.Hope that the viewers will continue giving their concern and expectations towards this drama".

Here's the short version of the song,"It's ok even if is hurt" by SNSD Seohyun. Enjoy ^^

video credit to yurimyangel7, and MBC

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Daily News [06.17.10] Krystal’s shocking confession, “Unnie Jessica has taken away my money before”

f(x) Krystal gives a shocking revelation that her sister So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica has once stolen away her money from her before.

Krystal had revealed that during f(x)’s appearance on MBC Golden Fishery on 16th June that during their childhood days, Jessica and her fought a lot.

Shin JungHwa asked, “Your unnie has once apologised and cried on broadcast when talking about you. What did she do wrong?” Krystal answered, “Even though we are both sisters, before debut we have quarreled a lot. As sister, unnie has taken away my clothes and money.” The MCs on the show were shocked to hear that Jessica had taken away money away from her younger sibling.

Shin JungHwa then asked, “Do you have the same taste in clothes with your sister?” Krystal answered, “Right now, very different. Unnie is fresh and cute and really likes lovely pink. I like more ‘down’ style.”

Currently, f(x) is promoting the title song ‘NU ABO’ off their 1st minialbum.

Source: Newsen
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Daily NEWS [06.15.10] Yoona will be the mc for world cup festival held in Korea

SNSD Yoona together with Lee Hyori will be the emcees for a SBS special program for World Cup .
On the 15th,SBS representative said:"During the match between South Korea and Argentina on the 17th June 6pm, they will be holding an event, the <<2010 South Africa World Cup Festival>>,to get ready for the victory cheer "AGAIN 2002!",and the emcess for this event will be SNSD Yoona, Lee Hyori and Kim Yongman .

Moreover, the guests performer for this event are Super Junior,SNSD,MBLAQ,f(x) and various popular artists. All of them come together and hope for the very best for the South Korea team.
In addition,on the 12th June,whereby South Korea were having match with Greece, Lee Hyori wore a red t-shirt then she appeared on the street in front of Seoul COEX to show her support and emcee at the same time .

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Daily Interest [06.13.10] Despite criticisms, the love-line between TaecYeon and YoonA continues this week on Family Outing

 The love-line between TaecYeon and YoonA continues on Family Outing 2 this week.
On SBS Family Outing 2 aired on 13th June, Brown Eyed Girls GaIn was guest appearance on the show, and the love-line for GaIn and Jo Kwon, and YoonA and TaecYeon are one of the highlights of the show.

With the urging of the other Family members, GaIn and Jo Kwon took a walk in the DamYang Bamboo Park. And TaecYeon and YoonA who had received great attention from the Family members from last week’s episode, continues to show off their love-line on the show with TaecYeon saying to YoonA, “To me, you are the best bamboo shoot.”

And during the balloon-bursting match between Kim HeeChul and YoonA, YoonA had decided to take revenge on HeeChul for calling her a grandmother from the previous episode. She told Kim HeeChul in confrontation, “If you make fun of me one more time, you are dead.”  With that, the 2 got into a rough match to burst each other’s balloon tied to their back. Seeing that, the Family members told TaecYeon, “Help YoonA out”. TaecYeon then stepped in to help burst HeeChul’s balloon.
With the praises pouring in from the Family members, TaecYeon was seen shy and he even turned red in his ears.
Meanwhile, the show was criticized with the over emphasis of the love-line between the 2 during the last episode.

 video credit to CrazyCarrot350

Taecyeon & Yoona romantic walks ^^

Hwahahahahah~~~ Choding Yoon comes alive again ^___^ , she really brighten up my days .

videos credit to Taeng019 & TheGeeSNSD

Source: Newsen
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Daily NEWS [06.11.10] Yuri, Sunny and HyunA bid farewell to G7 and Yuchiri on Invincible Youth

SNSD Yuri, Sunny and 4Minute HyunA will say goodbye to JeongDeun YuChiRi after 8 months.

On KBS Invincible Youth to be aired on 11th June, the girls say goodbye to G7 and the YuRiChi villagers. The girls prepared food personally for the villagers whom they have built affections with all this while, and tears were seen when they said their goodbyes on the show.

Especially for Sunny, she had present the vinegar made by her mother and said, “This will take over my empty place here.” As for youngest member HyunA, she had gone around doing her farewell greetings to every single staff member, and was seen reluctant to leave. Yuri had tried hard to show her bright features and hold back the tears during their last appearance on the show.

One of the G7 members who cried the most was HyoMin. She has become very close with Sunny after the show, and during this episode she had written a letter to Sunny to tell her how she had felt.

The 3 girls will say a temporary goodbye as it will be unable for them to continue the show with their overseas promotions, but they promised that they will return on the show some day.

The show is set to air on 11th June at 11.05pm.

Source: Newsen
Translation credit to sookyeong@kbites

Daily NEWS [06.11.10] SNSD debut showcase in Tokyo, Japan

Girls group SNSD will be using a stage that can accommodate 10000 people to have their first showcase and getting ready to debut in Japan.

On the 11th June,SM entertainment representative said : "25th August,SNSD will be having a showcase at Japan Tokyo Ariake Colosseum at Odaiba,Tokyo,presenting a gorgeous stage in Japan".
Ariake Colosseum is a very large performing stage that can accommodate around 10000 people. It's expected that SNSD will be having their first showcase in Japan,and together with the 10000 fans,they will be having a good time enjoying the showcase.

At the same time,SNSD will also release their Japan debut single through Japan music portal Nayutawave Records,and officially start their promotions and activities in Japan.
Worth mentioning,on the 11th August,SNSD will be releasing a DVD,which contain the combination of MV since they debut till now.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Daily NEWS [06.09.10] Why Goo Hye Sun in “Win Win” suddenly appears to shed tears after meeting Yoona

Actress and film director Goo Hye Sun emotionally cries after meeting SNSD’s Yoona?

Goo Hye Sun, on the 8th broadcast “Win Win” reveals her affection fro her junior Yoona. Goo Hye Sun confessed “Even though I’ve never directly really met SNSD’s Yoona, I really like her a lot now. Through our dance teacher, we exchanged phone numbers and have texted and called each other for a while.”

Right after Goo Hye Sun finished, the “unknown guest” Yoona appeared making Goo Hye Sun confused. When Yoona appeared, the laughter Goo Hye Sun couldn’t contain ultimately turned to tears.

After appearing, the surprised Yoona said “The really pretty Goo Hye Sun liking me makes me really surprised and shocked.” “I also really like Goo Hye Sun too,” she unveiled.

Another member from the same group Yoona is from, SNSD MC Taeyeon observed jokingly, “They say similar people play with each other, I can see why these two doll-like people like each other.”

Meanwhile in this broadcast with SNSD Yoona and Goo Hye Sun, Goo Hye Sun is also affiliated with the best friend 2NE1 Sandra Park, as they demonstrated the friendship between them.


Translated by: Yeji
Credits to: Newsen 김형우
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Daily NEWS [06.08.10] YoonA's charity items ^^

SNSD 'YoonA' star hand mold has showed huge popularity among the 'charity items' auction organized by SportSeoul '25 Anniversary' on 7th June onwards.

The auction start from 7th June 10am, due to YoonA's explosive popularity these 2 hands mold auction price have been bid until 77,000 won and 70,000won respectively on 8th June, 9am.
Everyone able to feel how popular YoonA is with these skyrocketing auction price which start from 1000won in the beginning. I wonder whether most of you still remember the last auction item (green color mini-skirt)  donated by Yoona has achieved  2.01 million won close bid price.

Besides YoonA hands mold, in this charity auction also have many other Kpop stars' hand mold like KARA, B.E.G, After school , 4 minutes and etc. All collected donation will be donated to the 'children charity organization' in Korea.

Here is few links of the charity done by the Girls in the past ^^

Monday, June 7, 2010

Daily Pictures [06.07.10] SNSD First official photobook pictures revealed

The much anticipated of SNSD first official photobook 'So Nyuh in Tokyo' has been released at today.
The photobooks is huge as compared to SNSD album side by side as below picture. Also the good quality of photobooks pages and the DVD which makes it worth every cents spent just by looking at it ^^. Most important thing is the photobook contain many beautiful photo shoot moments of the Girls, you will love it at a glance only.

Ok~~ Let have a view on some of the photobooks pictures uploaded by fans now. (beware spoiler ^^)

(click to picture for larger view)

Goddess YoonA lovely sleeping looks ..arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr >< killing me ^^

image name

image name

image name

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 No enough ^^, quickly grab yourself one of this now before too late. 
Here is the link ^____^ SNSD hwaiting ^^

Besides, the Girls photos in AG Adriano Goldschmied and neomu yeppeo (very pretty in Korean). 

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Lastly, YoonA-ssi Cartier Love Day charity photo and  fanmade YoonA illustration

Picture credit to sosiz